Pioneer CS-B9000D Any info on these?

Discussion in 'Speakers' started by ffactoryxx, Aug 22, 2005.

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    I recieved a bunch of equipment as i stated in the Pioneer forum and in this stuff i got

    2 Circa 1975-1980 Pioneer CS-B9000D speakers that are gorgeous!!

    They have 12" sub a big mid and a big high. Any info on these? Whats thier rating wattage wise. They were hooked to a mint sx-1050
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    Hello! This is my first forum post. I own a pair of these speakers as well. They are very hard to find anything about them on the web. I got mine from my girlfriend's dad,(Ha Ha) and have been trying to collect info on them ever since. My pair have a metal-like sticker on the front w/some specs. 50-100 watts is the recommended power rating. The ohms seem kind of wierd, as they are listed as 6.3? I am not sure about the rest as I have them out on loan to a guy.

    Are you sure the amp it came with wasn't the SA-1050 as opposed to the sX-1050? Because my speakers came with what looked like a package deal of Pioneer hi-fi components that may have been sold as a set. The set also included a stereo cabinet that matches the vinyl veneer on the CS-B9000D's perfectly. The Pioneer components that came in the set were as follows:

    Pioneer SA-1050 integrated amp - runs one set of speakers @ a time
    Pioneer SG-550 graphic equalizer - 7 band EQ w/green LED sliders
    Pioneer TX-950 digital tuner - green LED digital display
    Pioneer PL-950 turntable - fully automatic direct drive quartz turntable
    Pioneer unknown CT model dual well cassette deck
    Pioneer Stereo Cabinet w/glass door
    Pioneer CS-B9000D 3-way speakers

    It is my opinion that Pioneer sold this set up as a package deal at their retail outlets. Perhaps a "Syscom"? The overall style, look, and quality of the units matched. I believe these components were made around 83-85. Pioneer components went from silver with analog meters to silver with blue fluroscan meters, to this stuff for a very brief period of time, and finally evolved to the black plastic crap we know today around 85-86. That is why with these components you see more plastic brought into the faces of the units. Also explains the dual cassette deck. Those weren't made by Pioneer until after 83 I believe.

    The only thing I have that I actually use out of all those components now is the stereo cabinet. I stack my vintage pioneer gear in it, since those JA-R racks and mounting gear are outrageously priced now. It looks great, even has the Pioneer logo on it match all my units.

    The amp, cassette deck, and tuner I loaned out to a pal and it burned up, along with everything else in his house. (NOT the gears fault by the way, clothes dryer malfunction) The EQ, speakers, and turntable are also out on loan to another guy I know who was being forced to listen to all his vinyl on a crappy old wooden console stereo. I took pity on him and lent him some gear.

    As far as the speakers go, they look great and match the cabinet well, but I run two pair of stacked Cerwin Vega D-3's instead. They just have more punch. I don't claim to be an "audiophile" or some expert in the realm of Hi-Fi, but I think these speakers are not too good.

    I know it has been a while since you posted this, but i hope you get this response and it can be of some help to you.

    herbman1975 :smoke:
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