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Discussion in 'Pioneer Audio' started by link, Mar 23, 2012.

  1. link

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    I am about to purchase (see picture) a pair of HPM 150's and I noticed the chrome edging around the newly replaced woofers is missing? Is this necessary? Perhaps a speaker guard?

    What caught my attention is that there is a pair of woofers on Ebay right now for $600/pair and they have that chrome edging.

    Any assistance is greatly appreciated.............Thanks.

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  2. xlbee

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  3. Ed in Tx

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    Those are NOT original woofers. Someone has slipped in substitutes.
  4. xlbee

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    Oops, you're not a subscriber. You won't be able to see them. Here:


  5. Jon.

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    The woofers in your picture look *nothing* like the originals, and I would bet they sound significantly different, too. Caveat emptor.

    However, unless you're looking for a museum piece, they look like quality third party replacements, and they may not be too bad. Let your ears be the judge, walk if the seller isn't cool with an audition.

    If it were me, I'd pass unless it's a screaming good deal.
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    pioneer hpm 150 woofers

    Excellent condition being sold for $150.00 a pair with the owners manual and from the original owner. Woofers were refoamed but obviously not with original Pioneer woofers. I was just curious if that chrome edging would have any effect on the sound or quality. I am going to hear them first.

  7. Ed in Tx

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    For that little of an initial cost I'd go for 'em in a heartbeat, and be on the lookout for an original pair of woofers.

    There's no decorative trim ring what you see on the originals is the edge of the cast aluminum frame.
  8. link

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    I purchased them today

    Absoutely thrilled...............Like new out of the box and sound great.

    You could tell from their home that the owner took care of everything he owned............

  9. Ed in Tx

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    Congratulations !

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