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Discussion in 'Speakers' started by tomdi1999, Jun 1, 2010.

  1. tomdi1999

    tomdi1999 New Member

    anyone with any experience with these speakers? im puttings together a retro system and these fit the bill as far as looks but i know no nothing about their sound. i have an sx-1250 to hook them up to-is that enuf power? any opinions are much appreciated. thanx
  2. SoCal Sam

    SoCal Sam Lunatic Member

    I heard Tubed's pair of HPM-200's and they sound unlike any of the other HPM's. Much smoother and more balanced that any of the other JBL-inspired HPM's. Hopefully Tubed will chime in.
  3. eurasian

    eurasian Well-Known Member

    These are one of my all time favorites; very rare and desirable. In case you didn't know, these were designed by Bart Locanthi of JBL 375 fame and the designer of the early Pioneer/TAD drivers and systems. The HPM units on these are omnidirectional and the highs are very smooth and extended. While full range, they are more of an "east coast" speaker and well suited for reproduction of jazz, vocals and classical music. Their sealed woofers will dig deep, but are relatively inefficient. If you want to rock, consider the JBL or Pioneer 100's.

    If you decide you don't want them, please let me have a shot at them!
  4. tubed

    tubed Addicted Member

    By all means if you can pick up a pair in working condition you can always upgrade your amplification.
    I've made hyperbolic statements like " my favorite JBL", best tweeter". " better than the Great Heil" etc. They sound as if they'd measure quite flat, seem very balanced and are quite musical, dynamic as all get out.
    I don't detect much coloration, negligable mid bass boom, extremely enjoyable with well recorded music.
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  5. tomdi1999

    tomdi1999 New Member

    thanx for the replies-keep em coming. fyi-i listen to primarily classic rock-some metal and at decent levels...
  6. Fasterdamnit

    Fasterdamnit AK Subscriber Subscriber

    I helped a friend buy a set and then shipped them to him in Mo. I tested them with my Sansui G8700DB, 160wpc. Ozzie-"No More tears" was killer. These will play bass you would only expect from a sub. The cylinder mids and tweeters were nice and open. I was impressed and hope to find some myself when I have the cash to afford them.

    I would go 200wpc or more to really get the most out of them.

  7. automojo

    automojo OurBandCouldBeYourLife Subscriber

    It would be interesting how they would hold up to the ESS AMT3's with the Great Heil. The HPM 100's and 150's I've heard aren't in the same league. Those 200's look very interesting I must say, much different than your run of the mill HPM.
    My rebilut recapped AMT3's I find are really uncolored, yet musical speaker, I was really amazed how good they sounded once I got them finished-probably why I just picked up another set!!
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  8. tomdi1999

    tomdi1999 New Member

    how can i tell if the woofers are original? should i pull 1 or 2 out? is this practical? does anyone know the model no. of the woofers? thanx again
  9. dnewma04

    dnewma04 The Healer Super Mod Subscriber

    Easily the best HPM model and competitive with the best consumer speakers of their time. Very nice.
  10. hatrack71

    hatrack71 distracted by everything

    The HPM-200 falls in my list of 5 favorite speakers of all time. A very good loudspeaker when compared to just about anything.
  11. jimfet

    jimfet AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Probably has the best x-over Pioneer ever made. The thing is massive.
  12. tubed

    tubed Addicted Member

    First of all welcome to Audiokarma and secondly pictures are widely appreciated for enjoyment and ID'ing.
    One way of telling if the woofers are original or correct replacements is to measure with a multimeter. The top left driver should measure 8 ohms(or so) and the right "lower" woofer should measure 16 ohms. You can test(with the drivers in cabinet) by removing the crossover connections to the drivers.
  13. tomdi1999

    tomdi1999 New Member

    here are some pics...

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  14. tubed

    tubed Addicted Member

    It looks like you're good to go with the original woofers:thmbsp:
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  15. tomdi1999

    tomdi1999 New Member

    here are the hpm 200s in their new home...

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  16. SoCal Sam

    SoCal Sam Lunatic Member

    Very nice! And properly powered by a SX-1250!!
  17. wualta

    wualta < Spike Milligan, 1961

    Comparing those photos with the ones in my HPM-200 file, I'd say you either have original drivers or diabolically clever copies. Congratulations. The HPM-200 is, as everyone has so far said, one of the best speakers to come out of the 1970s. As I recall, they're very inefficient. But they sound glorious.

    Pioneer submitted a paper which was published by the Journal of the Audio Engineering Society (JAES) in 1975. Drawings in the article reference the tweeter array in the HPM-200.

    Here's the patent, filed in 1973.
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  18. mrarroyo

    mrarroyo Well-Known Member

    Darn, I should know these speakers since many of my friends in college owned Pioneer HPM speakers. Sadly I do not recall this particular model, but my college years are fuzzy at best.
  19. tomdi1999

    tomdi1999 New Member

    some of you guys were right-these require more power. i hooked them up to my anthem mca5(190w front channels) and i think i could use a bit more. any suggestions? im leaning towards an adcom gfa555...
  20. dnewma04

    dnewma04 The Healer Super Mod Subscriber

    if 190w isn't adequate, i'd be looking at a minimum of 350-400wpc to hear a noticeable difference.

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