Pioneer HPM-40 speakers

Discussion in 'Dollars and Sense' started by ohiomike, Dec 28, 2011.

  1. ohiomike

    ohiomike Member

    I found a pair for $150. I'm told they work, no issues although the cabinets have a few scratches. Of course I will make sure they work, but...

    Worth the money?
  2. tmccullough

    tmccullough You are who, who you are

    You may think so, but I say no. You're in HPM-100 territory at that price. I liked the 40's I had briefly, but I sold them for $60. I apparently undercut myself a bit, but I wanted my money back so I could put it to work on something else. I think if you really *need* speakers, try to get them for maybe half that. Still not a great deal, but you could do worse. If you can wait, wait. You can get much better for $150.
  3. MarkAnderson

    MarkAnderson Addicted Member

    I suspect this thread will moved shortly...

    But to answer your question, IMO, no.
  4. Pandovski

    Pandovski Banned

    I'd rather buy Klipsch Icon, KG 3.5 or Quintets for 130$.
  5. avguytx

    avguytx AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Wow.....$150 huh? Yep. That's too much.
  6. ohiomike

    ohiomike Member

    Thanks guys!!

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