Pioneer PL-3F?

Discussion in 'Turntables' started by electroman, Mar 13, 2005.

  1. electroman

    electroman New Member

    I wonder if someone has any info about this TT?
  2. dank

    dank New Member

    Did you ever find anything out about this one?
  3. kermit z

    kermit z Loud Music saves Lives!! Subscriber

    There is a little info in the database. Appears made from 1985-89 and Direct Drive and retailed for 300.00. Do you have a picture?
  4. dank

    dank New Member

    Thanks for the info. I saw one on CL for sale. It looks pretty nice, but the guy wants too much for it. Here is the pic he posted.

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  5. kermit z

    kermit z Loud Music saves Lives!! Subscriber

    That looks like a nice table. Weird that there is so little info on it but I guess it came out towards the end of the vinyl dominance and the start of the CD rein.
  6. Backlight

    Backlight Active Member

    I own one. In combination with an Ortofon 320 cartridge and nude fine line needle it plays very smooth on my SA-8800 and Tannoy speakers.

    Technically it seems to share a lot of components with the PL-707 which was introduced in 1982. In 1985 the PL-3F is positioned as PL-707's successor being sold at the same price of $300,-. It was sold untill 1989. The specs are also quite similar. It was Pioneer's TOTL during that 4-year period.

    I think the reason for this turntable to be so "unknown" is as Kermit says: It was the end of the vinyl era. And the looks are not as good as the PL-707's. (why did they replace that player with the lovely wood veneer (or vinyl) and alu front). As an owner I can say that the control area at the front of the turntable are a bit plastic compared to the metal (alumimium perhaps?) controls surface on the PL-707.

    Nevertheless, I love this turntable: very smooth operation and never failed me so far. And it isn't anywhere near "ugly"... :)
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