Pioneer SX 1980 - Craigslist Atlanta

Discussion in 'Dollars and Sense' started by Rock6x, Mar 1, 2009.

  1. Rock6x

    Rock6x 2stupid2PostHere

  2. analog addict

    analog addict Glory or Death! Subscriber

    Ebay on CL....

    Just someone who doesn't want to pay E-prey fees....

    I wouldn't waste my time or effort....:thumbsdn:
  3. titanstats

    titanstats Go Habs Go!

    Yup. I generally flag CL "auctions" -- it's a free service, so name your price and get on with it!
  4. getright99

    getright99 least likely to succeed

    i see one more pic of a f'n sx-1980 i swear to god i'm gonna f'n SNAP. seein' those f'n things in my sleep.
    drunk and not caring anymore,
  5. Chip - HP

    Chip - HP Super Member

    I flagged it ... if one wants an auction, that's what ebay is for ...
  6. johnnm

    johnnm Audio Enthusiast

    What's it to you if the guy doesn't want to get gouged by Ebay? Let him do his own thing.
  7. Chip - HP

    Chip - HP Super Member

    IIRC auctions are not permitted on CraigList ... what if everyone posted an auction on CraigList?
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  8. markallen

    markallen Luddite Tendencies

    I recently saw someone trying something like this on a local free-ad website.

    Seller had an older HK receiver listed for a reasonable price. Not blowout, but probably fair. I called, got a machine and left a message.

    Later in the day I checked the ad, and the price had increased by $10. Of course, had the seller bothered to call me (never happened, of course) I would have responded that I was not interested in bidding. I should have flagged it, but didn't even think of it.
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  9. slow_jazz

    slow_jazz AK Subscriber Subscriber

    The listing is gone now....
  10. SoCal Sam

    SoCal Sam Lunatic Member

    Ebay, which owns 25% of CL wants auction to be run...guess where?

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