Pioneer SX-450 info, please!

Discussion in 'Pioneer Audio' started by amk10003, Jan 3, 2006.

  1. amk10003

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    I bought a Pioneer SX-450 at a thrift store in Dallas. All channels seem to work well. Can anyone tell me about this receiver? I was also given a pair of 6ohm ADS L810s. Are these OK to use with it?

  2. Strawman

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    Welcome AMK10003, hope you are really planning on using these, as the ADS are a damned fine pair of speaks, the SX-450 is entry level, but a nice start to get your vintage engine going.I'm sure you'll want a little more power for them. I hope you're not a "hit and run". Come on in & enjoy.

    RCV, SX- 450
    Manufacture Years: 1977 - 1979
    Additional Information:
    Power: 15
    MSRP: $200.00
    USED: $24.00
    Mint: $14.00
    Average: $8.00

    SPK, L- 810 (PAIR)
    Manufacture Years: 1974 - 1978
    Additional Information:
    MSRP: $900.00
    USED: $320.00
    Mint: $190.00
    Average: $110.00
  3. vintagestereo

    vintagestereo Banned

    The SX-450 was the entry level model to the great line of Receivers that Pioneer ever produced, led by the legendary SX-1250. Although the SX-450 only has a small fraction of the SX-1250's power and feature was still built to the same be the very best in it's class.

    I mentioned in another post that the SX-450 is all the receiver most people need to listen to music at modest levels on fairly efficient speakers. Hoever, the ADS Speakers might be a bit of a mis-match, considering that they come from a much loftier realm. Should sound nice though. Hope it works out well for you!

    Happy New Year!
  4. Pioneer727

    Pioneer727 SEMPER FI

    The 450 will hook you and soon you will be looking for its bigger brothers to power them speaks. :yes: Welcome to AK.

  5. B3Nut

    B3Nut tubes and spinny things!

    The 450 will drive those ADS fairly well, just don't run it too hard as clipping an amplifier can ruin your tweeters. Keep it at a level where it sounds clean and all will be well...not going to be loud enough for hard rock with the ADS speakers, but acoustic music and piano trio-type jazz will be sweet as honey. I've had a 450 since new, it's a superb-sounding baby receiver and has more guts than you'd expect a 15wpc unit to have. Want to drop some jaws? Find a set of older Klipsch speakers and open her up. Then explain to your friends that you're running 15 watts a side....and blowing "500 watt" plastic home-theater systems into Best Buy's dumpster. :D

    An SX-450 is an excellent choice for small bookshelf monitor speakers for PC desktop music, too.

    Todd in Beerbratistan
  6. amk10003

    amk10003 New Member

    Thanks for all the great responses!!!

    (I have another question in the Turntables & Tape forum)
  7. 240 Volts

    240 Volts Strange, yet oddly normal

  8. matt001

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    good choice amk10003! This is an awesome receiver.You could easily compare it to one of those 500 watt per channel htib's,and blow it out of the water.15 watts goes a hell of a long way with this thing! :yes: :smoke:
  9. OvenMaster

    OvenMaster ^ Imagine speaker bouncing. Thanks. Subscriber

    I had two of these 450's! One I paid $129 for in 1977, and the second was a curb find in like 1995 or so. The ADS 6 ohm speakers will work, but if they're power-hungry, they'll suck up the receiver's power like a black hole. I have KEF Coda 8's that are also inefficient 6 ohm speaks, and they just died whenever I turned up the volume. Very efficient speakers are needed with such low power levels, so the above suggestion to use something efficient like Klipsch's is something you really should pay attention to. Otherwise you WILL be disappointed.
  10. coldmark

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    delete, didn't realize it was 2 years old, sorry
  11. AnalogDigit

    AnalogDigit Realistic fan.

    Great receiver! You will be very happy with it. Sounds a lot better than the 15 watts per channel power rating.
  12. aabottom

    aabottom Swing

    I just bought a Pioneer SX-450 ($3) with Panasonic SB-AK17 speakers ($4) at a yard sale for $7 for the set.

    I suspect the SB-AK17 is not a great match for the SX-450, but they were available to test the 450. So far, my only source is the FM tuner in the 450. The system fills my two car garage with decent sound. The SX-450 needs some cleaning work with the switches and volume pots, but sounds good if I work the OFF/ON/A/B/A+B switch back and forth to get a good connection.

    Now I'm looking for a manual for the SX-450.

    Time to try deoxit cleaner or similar.

    Now I'm looking to add a CD changer source.

    PS: I got a 300 ohm diopole FM antenna and some A/V cables in the lot too.
  13. bobellis75

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  14. aabottom

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  15. Uncle Bambi

    Uncle Bambi Funky Tut Subscriber

    There are 3 ways to look at it, assuming it is in nice condition:

    1) They sell for ~$25-$40 on eBay, so with shipping you'd be well over the $45 if you bought one there. If you want one, you're better off buying the local one. You'll save money ,and you have the advantage that you can see and touch it before you buy. Even a $15 eBay "score" will end up costing you ~$50 to get to your door.

    2)$45 is indeed on the high end for one, so if you're looking for a great deal, pass it up.

    3) You can probably buy it for $45, and make a small profit parting it out on eBay. (please don't do this :))
  16. sculptura

    sculptura Active Member

    I'd say one in mint condition that's been serviced is WELL worth that price
  17. aabottom

    aabottom Swing

    A possible forth option is to wait for something better to come along, like my late model Yamaha RX-777 (100 wpc into 8 ohms) that I got for $50 off CL.
  18. bobellis75

    bobellis75 Active Member

    Don't know if it's mint...but pretty decent shape...I've got a more modern Yamaha receiver that I'll probably keep running...just was looking for a cool vintage receiver....would like to get a vintage one to hook up to my Marantz TT and then run the Yamaha off the TV/Playstation set up....
  19. lt.slothr0p

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    hi everybody,
    i know this is an old post, and i'm a n00b, but is it possible to hook up my polk m10 bookshelf speakers to my sx-450?

    muchas gracias and here's to good karma!
  20. markthefixer

    markthefixer On Hiatus, dealing with Dad's estate full time Subscriber

    8 ohms nominal impedance, so no problem.

    100 watt speakers, 89db efficiency

    sx-450 puts out a max of 15 watts, so any distortion at higher volume is the receiver, not the speakers.

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