Pioneer SX-525, little but likeable

Discussion in 'Solid State' started by Rx4Pain, Feb 21, 2011.

  1. Rx4Pain

    Rx4Pain New Member

    Pioneer SX-535, little but likeable

    I just wanted to post a quick photo of the SX-535 i recently picked up, cleaned and had tweaked (tuner aligned etc) I think it looks fantastic. The cabinet is like new and I really like the blue dial.


    It is in my home office, and will be connected to a couple of Polk Monitor 60 Series II speakers as of tomorrow.

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  2. mrjbq

    mrjbq Bose forum Moderator Subscriber

    :thmbsp:I had one a while back.......
  3. Kenny Brant

    Kenny Brant Kenny bugs Subscriber

    I know what you mean about the looks of the 535, I have a 636 and I like the looks of the blue dial, kind of soothing to look at. The receiver sounds good to.
  4. electronjohn

    electronjohn Plug it in & see!! Subscriber

    Those baby Pioneers have a sweet sound...I loves my baby brother to your SX-424...and am thoroughly enjoying the SX-580 in my "it'll do for now" vinyl system.
  5. beej

    beej G's and A's Bapa Subscriber

    I have a 535 and it is a looker and with nice sound. All in all, a nice little receiver.
  6. juggerjay

    juggerjay Active Member

    I agree, I think it looks fantastic as well. I'm seriously thinking about picking up a SX626 that's for sale ;)
  7. anytune

    anytune AK Subscriber Subscriber

    I have an SX-535 in the dining room that I use daily. Great tuner. One of the best 10-dollar bills I ever spent.
  8. superdog

    superdog AK Member Subscriber

    These series of pioneers are one of the best looking to me.After a few years of messing with the big receivers I am rediscovering the sonic beauty of the smaller units.
  9. 33&athird

    33&athird Turn on & Tune in

    The 525 is a nice small unit. It was my first receiver and is currently awaiting a pair of outputs and maybe a recap. Great sound in a little box, and although it's only 17 watts, it can get pretty loud. I currently use the 727, the 525's bigger brother, good series of pioneer. In some ways, I prefer the 525, but they are all good.

    Also, very cool spy vs spy statues, all it's missing is gore and a big "Kuper":thmbsp:
  10. Rx4Pain

    Rx4Pain New Member

    Haha...thanks on the Spy Vs Spy..I have had those for 20 years....i thought they belonged on the shelf with the 70's i enjoyed Mad Magazin big time in the 70's!


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