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Discussion in 'Pioneer Audio' started by eightbit, Aug 22, 2011.

  1. eightbit

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    This weekend I hit up craigslist in my area to find someone had listed the SX-890 along with some Criterion speakers for $100. Well, I have always loved the Pioneer receivers, so I immediately called the seller and inquired.

    The receiver is near mint. All lights work and it works just fine. It is dusty inside from what I can see through the top grill, but that can be cleaned. The sound out of this is just amazing! I really love the black front...very different than anything I have seen before.

    So, now I am out to find some info on the receiver. Seems I cannot find an owners or service manual for this unit specifically. I found that the SX-880 is the counterpart, and I have found the service manual for that which seems to be almost the same...except for the wattage. The max output seems to be 190W on this one, where the SX-880 from what I am to understand is 120W? Or am I wrong here?

    Other than the pic here:

    I have not found much in terms of the background of this receiver. I picked it up in Northern NJ (where I live) and am just wondering how "international" this is? Where did it come from and how come I can find so little on it? Also, did I get a good deal? I think I did as it sounds superb!

    Also, anyone from NJ that can recommend someone around these parts that can service the receiver (ie: clean it, deox, maybe restore some parts, etc)? I am not so savy when it comes to servicing, and would not mind paying someone reputable to get it factory fresh again. I love this receiver and want it to last another 30+ years!
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  2. Wolverine

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    Congrats on your pick-up. It is my understanding that the 890 is the European version of the 880. Not sure where you a getting your output numbers because everything I have read about the 880 tells me it is 60wpc so this would apply to the 890 as well. Here is a link to so more info.

    There is a schematic for your unit in the AK database as well that might be useful.

    As for whether you got a deal or not I can say IMO yes. That is a a bit of a rarity and price wise its cousins the 850 and 880 often go for a bit more than what you paid plus you got a pair of speakers. Congrats!!
  3. larryderouin

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    Pioneer made some black Dial face versions of the X80 series, I think it was from 680 to 880(someone correct me here) from 77 to 80 and renamed them the 690 to 890. These were sold overseas (Europe) and in the PX's. They are identical (with the exception of the dial face) to their Silver faced brother's. Just change the middle numeral to an 8 and get that manual. I've had my 790 for about 4 years now and won't part with it.

    The wattage you quoted is the Total watt consumption when running full blast. Watts per channel is like 60wpc IIRC

    They generally don't sell for any more than the Silver face counterparts, from what I've seen.

  4. Caminokid

    Caminokid Pioneer and Realistic

    580 to 1980.
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  5. eightbit

    eightbit New Member

    Yup, I have also seen some 880's online with black faces. I think it looks *great* in black! As for selling, I don't really care what it can sell for honestly, as I do not plan on ever selling it ;) It is a great performer, and after buying quite a few amps over the years, this is bar none the best performer I have ever owned. My dream is an SX-1980 one day, but until I get there this will more than do!

    Thanks all for the insight!
  6. Stan man

    Stan man Active Member

    yeah. The black faces are cool, but I prefer the US version. My bedroom system. I won't be selling mine soon either.


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  7. larryderouin

    larryderouin AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Camino: I'm not talking about the black faced like the 5590,etc. There were 5 models of the X90 series. See the 1977-78 catalog here...... ......The models were the SX590, SX690, LX-690(AM/FM/SW) SX790, SX890. The 980,1080, & 1980 aren't considered in this configuration. The only black part of the face is the DIAL itself. For 1979-80 ... .....All of the X90 models had "W4" added to the Model. Not sure what the W4 was for. But they all had Black cases.

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  8. quaddriver

    quaddriver 120 What's per channel Subscriber

    Old thread I know, but I just got an 890 today for 55 at auction. I am thinking of NOT restoring it as part of my biz and selling it, but rather keeping it...I have heard about these for nearly 4 decades, but never saw one up close until today.
  9. zebulon1

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    Start your own Thread a brag!
    Nice set!
  10. larryderouin

    larryderouin AK Subscriber Subscriber

    And restore it regardless. Caps dry out whether it gets sold or kept.
  11. quaddriver

    quaddriver 120 What's per channel Subscriber

    well I got the bench cleared off enough to finally plug it in (I have amazing self control don't I?) and this is what I found:

    aside from some scratch in the rotaries that deoxit will fix, this thing is SOLID.

    The DC offset is in the 5-6mv range with the SCM listing 0-30 as acceptable. I need to probe inside for the idle current to check it, but this thing I feel is well worth my money.

    I am going to restore it and place it in the bedroom. Currently I have a pioneer 4400 with remote which is nice in of itself, for a late 80's black face....but I will either put that in the shop or restore/sell it to pay for this one.

    Im-a-keepin it

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