Pioneer VSX-D1S

Discussion in 'Pioneer Audio' started by cd4405, May 29, 2008.

  1. cd4405

    cd4405 New Member

    Just picked one up....don't know much about it, but seems to be one of the better late model pioneers. Anyone have an opinion ?
  2. superdog

    superdog AK Member Subscriber

    Never heard one but your right it is one of the better later models.I like the looks of these.Any details on how you got it or price?Did it have the remote?
  3. Catswold

    Catswold It's psy-cat-delic!

    I'm certain Lady Ayeka will chime in, she has one and is apparently very happy with it...Lady Ayeka...?
  4. jlindsey86

    jlindsey86 Well-Known Member

    Thats a really good receiver. I believe it was top of the line around '88-'90.
  5. Lady Ayeka

    Lady Ayeka AK Member

    you just got yourself solid gold. horrendously UNDERAPPRECIATED solid gold at that!! the very best stereo receiver PIONEER has made to date since the SX-1980. it is conservitively rated at 130w 8ohm load. it's actual rating is 165wpc, and it is a true robust diehard. it can be set to a high or low impedance mode, so in effect it can drive virtually any speaker load!! it may be simply chalked off as another lowly '80s BPC Receiver in the eyes of many AKers, but don't believe any of that for a second!! i recommend getting a CU-VSX007 remote for it, as that model has a much better fit&finish than the D1S' supplied CU-VSX014, plus the 007 has a complete set of direct access input buttons accessible in any control mode whilst the 014 has double function buttons dependent on control mode. DO NOT, under any circumstances, place this unit in any enclosed cabinet; it is a VERY powerful amplifier, and as such it runs MUCH too hot for any form of enclosure! take care of this baby, and she'll take care of you...:thmbsp::music:






    carefully study the fascia of both remotes, and you'll see why i recommend the 007...
  6. Lady Ayeka

    Lady Ayeka AK Member

    1990/1993 TOTL, actually. regardless, it is indeed obviously a product engineered in the late '80s...
  7. Lady Ayeka

    Lady Ayeka AK Member

    oh yes!! welcome to the S.S. smellyoldhi-ficrap, cd4405! :thmbsp::music:

    Miss Ayeka Misaki welcomes you, bearing gifts...

  8. af0h

    af0h Lake Shore Drive

    Yes, it is one heck of a Receiver. I have one too, use it for my HT setup. Don't let that fool you, 95% of the time I use it in Stereo Mode anyway - no surround.

    This is one of the Few and Rare Post-Silver Era Pioneer models that maintains the Pure Pioneer sound quality and over-built construction techniques that we havent' seen since the Silver Era (SX-1980, SX-1280, etc.)_...

    130-wpc Conservatively (actual REAL Watts, not the fake scale either) at 0.005% THD - try to find that in today's models. This is the continuous average output, not peak - mine peaks at over 170-watts into an 8-ohm dummy-load with a 1kc Sine Wave on the CD input.

    I myself am partial to the Silver Series of Pioneers, but this is the one and only execption i've ever found so far in the later models. (BTW, The VSX-9900S isn't far behind either).

    Lady Ayeka is correct about Heat Buildup - i've often considered mounting a small muffin fan on it to help control heating. But so far, it hasn't been a problem (even when using it to run a Sound System for Wedding Receptions (Yes, it does that very well too - and will stand up to that kind of use with absolutely no problems at all!) This baby is built tough and made to RUN!:thmbsp:
  9. cd4405

    cd4405 New Member

    Thanks for all the input. Best $100 I've ever spent
  10. ldj325

    ldj325 New Member

    Hi All,

    My name is Laurence. I introduce myself as this might be my first post here, although I have lurked here now and then.

    I just picked the VSX-D1S up at a yard sale with a DV-563A CDP for $35. I got it as a switch box for my non-critical listening audio inputs. (I am a headphone audiophile with a very good stand alone set up.) But in checking it out, I was amazed at the sound quality from the headphone out. It is not as good as my dedicated high end headphone amp, but it is still very good. I have considered this a real find even before reading some of the good things my searches have revealed.

    But the unit is very complex. I am trying to hunt down a users manual so I can figure everything out. A google search led me tho this thread. Does anyone know where I can get a users manual for this (or a manual for a similar featured product)? Also a service manual would be good in case any repairs are needed.

    Thanks for any help.

  11. Brian360

    Brian360 New Member

    Hey, I just found this receiver in my storage as well! I really don't know much about it, other than it has no optical inputs, may be a good receiver to throw some speakers on to put in the garage.
  12. Deczor

    Deczor NZ HiFi Guy

    Definately. I had one of those until the input selector crapped out. Good sounding machine though
  13. Manuel64

    Manuel64 Active Member

    I purchased my D1S new in 1991. I remember it selling for around $1400 back then. I have gone thru many receivers over the years, and the D1S is a keeper for me. I use it in my home theater setup, but 80% of the time, I use it in direct mode for two channel listening. It's a very clean sounding and powerful receiver, that has no problem with loads down to 2ohm. I've owned several other pioneer receivers over the years, including the SA9900, VSX7500, and one of my old favorites, the SX780(which is still working great in my father's workshop).

    In addition to my D1S, I also own three Harmon Kardon receivers; an older 80's HK-590, a mid 90's HK-AVR40, and a new HK-3490. The HK's sound very good, the D1S sounds better.
  14. tdmcclimans

    tdmcclimans New Member

    Lucky me...I just snagged 1 in near mint condition(with owners manual 2 boot)for a $50 spot at a second hand shop...Being a Sansui freak I all most talked myself out of it but this thing is a spaceship...I'm still scratching my head & am so glad I got the manual to go with cause I am just totally amazed & I also got the remote with working batteries. Wow I'm still in awe........
  15. ironmikebass

    ironmikebass New Member

    i just got my father's well maintained vsx-ds1 and am loving it. it is being used for cd's and lp's and is hooked up to a pair of refurbed and recaped AR-5's. I saw you said on one post that you can switch the impedence also, even though i am using the phono imput for my technics sld5 with grado cartridge i am having to set the volume all the way up to 11-12 oclock. I just ordered an audio technica peq3 phono preamp for 40 bux hoping that will aleviate the problem.
    and hey, what is "DSSS" mode anyway?
  16. Blackstone

    Blackstone Active Member

    On the back there should be a Mode 1 and Mode 2 switch. That controls to ohm load. I don't have a manual so I'll need to find the info I saved somewhere on which mode does what.

    I have two of these D1S models. One is running a set of Advents and some DIY speakers that has dual 12" woofers per box. Clean sound and power to spare. I've even used them for a wedding reception and they outperformed the PA amp I had been using.

    If I found another, for the right price and in good shape, I wouldn't hesitate to buy it.
  17. payo360

    payo360 Sound round and round

    Holy thread find.. hey guys i recently joined AK.. because i have a couple older receivers, i find D1S is one of my better systems.. well until i got output problems. I am taking a guess that it is a blown output capacitor.
  18. ahardb0dy

    ahardb0dy Active Member

    I too purchased a VSX-D1s brand new back in I think 1991, it did cost about $1400, mine unfortunately had a run in with a 110 outlet thru the fm antenna and went up in smoke!! It was a great receiver I liked the way you could bypass any of the internal amps with external ones if you chose to. Also haven't seen many (if any) receivers that would allow you to adjust your video signal thru the receiver. Hook a vcr or laser disc thru it, press a button and the Pioneer brought up a split screen where you could adjust the picture on one side and compare it to the non adjusted picture on the other side!! I still have the original manual if anyone would like me to scan any parts of it, also have the remote, hell had the original box up until a year or so ago. It is a great receiver would still be using it if it was still working.
  19. rushfan

    rushfan Super Member

    Nice to have found some information on this receiver. A friend of the family is giving one to me, along with a whole bunch of other components. I'll swap out the Yamaha RX-V890 in my secondary system for the Pioneer. The only problem is that my stuff is housed in a TV cabinet to keep it (almost) protected from my three year old son. I hope that heat isn't too big of a problem.

    I haven't seen Lady Ayeka in a while. What gives?
  20. brhalltx

    brhalltx AK Subscriber Subscriber

    The mode switch is for impedance and power. Mode 1 is 130 watts to the front, 40 watts to the center, and 40 watts to the rear, A 8 to 16 ohms, A + B 16 ohms. Mode 2 is 70 wats to the front, 70 watts to the center, and 50 watts to the rear, A 4 to 16 ohms, A + B 8 to 16 ohms.

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