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Pond Scum...No, Worse Pond Muck...And Something Nicer Too

Discussion in 'General Off Topic Forums' started by wajobu, Dec 31, 2006.

  1. wajobu

    wajobu Boing Boom Tschak Subscriber

    Happy New Year from some miscreant...

    My computer picked-up a virus from an e-mail "W32.Mixor.Q".exe. Fortunately for me our computer network is heavily protected and we have our e-mail system set to the highest level of security, so enclosures are whisked away before anyone has a chance to open them, even deliberately--then we can view what has arrived and decide to open or delete.

    Thankfully, this little nasty was shunted off where it will be destroyed.

    Wouldn't it be nice that in 2007 we could have no more computer viruses, no more hunger, no more war and a safe place to live for everyone. I remain hopeful.

    On a less cynical note, and in honor of viewing my last sunrise of 2006 I offer this poem written by an 18 year old RAF Officer (British Royal Air Force), James Farrar, who was killed so tragically like many others in World War II. The poem was published posthumously by Williams & Norgate in 1950 in the little known book, “The Unreturning Spring” and edited by the brilliant English author/novelist Henry Williamson (also no stranger to beautiful prose). This little book contains many of Farrar's poems, short stories and letters written in his teenage and young adult life. Without further adieu...

    The Beloved

    When I am in the fields she lies
    Alone upon the hills, for she is Day
    And I am Night, and brightest shine her eyes
    When I must look away.
    But briefly as in summer dawn we meet,
    Her beauty in a flood
    Burns vagrant through my blood.

    And when the swift floats high
    On molten tide of sunset, silently
    Together in the meadows do we lie,
    But never wed shall be:
    For soon she sleeps in mist and I must rise,
    And when the stars are grown
    Must seek the hills alone.

    Happy New Year and Peace to all.


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