Post a pic of your Electronics Bench

Discussion in 'DIY' started by spinroch, Jan 10, 2018.

  1. mattsd

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    Cincinnati, Ohio
    Hey, HEY, just what are you trying to say, huh?? :D But seriously, I need to remove that wallpaper, just been procrastinating. It's leftover from the previous owner of the house, and they had very poor taste in wallpaper.

    I have not yet calibrated the 8903, just the 8175. The 8903 seems to be pretty close, and looping it back into itself with a 1KHz @ 1V signal and the 80KHz low pass on gives me a reading of around .002% distortion. I can get it to about .0014% with the overhead lamp off. Not too shabby.


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  2. redk9258

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    Illinois, close to St. Louis.
    Then you can hang more...

  3. Ray Gianelli

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    Lake Worth, FL
    The people I bought my house from had wallpapered almost every single room. It was a nightmare to remove. I still cringe every time I see wallpaper because of that!

    I don't think the 8903B would benefit from calibration. It exceeded the performance test for distortion when I checked it out. And for what we do, there's really not much that you'd need to have calibrated. Maybe a counter or signal generator for FM work.

    I went way overboard for timing. I had picked up a distribution amplifier in a lot of test equipment, and bought a GPS disciplined oscillator from the auction site. I use it to clock all my time based equipment that has an input for external clocking. My AM/FM generator doesn't, but my counter (which does have an external clock in) shows it's good out to 4 decimal places. Not good enough in the metrology world but more than good enough for an FM tuner. One of those things that I just did because I could. Although admittedly it does come in handy for the occasions when I repair test equipment.

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