Pretty good luck with LP's today

Discussion in 'General Audio Discussion' started by Herman Green, Jun 22, 2013.

  1. Herman Green

    Herman Green Member

    I managed to pick up 30 LPs today. Quite a mix of stuff to match my tastes. Half were $1.00 each and the others ranged from $2 to $3 each. All in great shape. Listening to Gary Puckett and the Union Gap's greatest hits now.

    I'm happy.

  2. Andyman

    Andyman Scroungus Stereophilus Subscriber

    Nice score!!

    Yesterday for some odd reason I began to go through a box of LPs w/o covers, but separated by sheets of newspaper. Maybe it was the well worn copy of "The Beatles Second Album" up front that drew me in. At any rate, a bunch of interesting stuff (Blues Project Verves, Iron Butterfly, worn Beatles) kept me thumbing, and sure enough there was a diamond in there.

    A gold label, monaural copy of "The Grateful Dead", just like I bought new and played to death back in 1967 or so. And the big surprise is that it looks really, really nice. One side looks darn near mint :yikes: Sure there's some smallish light scratches, but I'm hoping it plays as well as it looks.

    Pretty much made my day. I also got a nice copy ot The Nitty Gritty Dirt Bands "Uncle Charlie and his dog Teddie" with the classic "Mr. Bojangles"
  3. Herman Green

    Herman Green Member

    To me it's great to find LPs of stuff you really liked back then but haven't thought of lately. Play it, kick back and remember. Don MeLean's Tapestry albumn is playing now. I think I'm far enough in the past that my wife should be still good looking. Think I'll go check.

  4. Condorsat

    Condorsat Audio Enthusiast

    I browsed over thousands of records last weekend for 8 hours :eek:... till I was absolutely bug eyed. I look over every potential purchase with an LED flashlight, both sides, spindle hole, warps etc ... every inch of the LP ... dog tired when I was done.

    This weekend I started to look through some albums at my local and just threw in the towel


    and walked away ... I'll be cleaning and grading last weeks haul for another two weeks anyway. :thmbsp:
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