PROJECT/one Amplifier Info?

Discussion in 'Solid State' started by TOO LOUD???, Jun 1, 2006.

  1. TOO LOUD???

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    Won a PROJECT/one Marl XX integrated amp on ePray. Needed a liberal dousing with Deoxit, left channel was out, speaker protection relay was the culprit. Sounds good gets very loud on my bench speakers ( old Minimus 7's with replacement fiberglass/kevlar woofers). Anyone know anything about these amps? It seems to be a clean design, only 1 IC otherwise all discrete components. Appears to be hand built, well routed hand tied wiring looms, modular design every function has it's own board. Pic's to follow once I'm done cleaning.
  2. bully

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    Orion sez 1078-82, MSRP $380. No output power listed.
    I think yrly has a couple of Project One receivers (what receiver doesn't he have!) and thinks they're pretty good.
  3. TOO LOUD???

    TOO LOUD??? AK Subscriber Subscriber

    I only paid $22 + shipping $25. It was only single boxed but had at least 6" of large bubble bubble wrap around it on all sides.

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