Projector amps-RCA 416 and Kalart 75-15

Discussion in 'Tube Audio' started by Tony Cape, Jan 14, 2018 at 5:36 AM.

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    Hi, I've just joined and yes I still have lots to learn- I'm trying to locate some issues, I have more than one of each projector and one works great and the other doesn't so that will be helpful in determining the problems. On the kalart one works good and the other one sounds like people talking with their hands over their mouths and not very loud(while watching a movie)- kind of the same thing on the 416(I have 4 of these, one works great and the other three you can hear but not great.
    These amps have the following tubes-(excluding rectifier)
    I was going to buy some replacement tubes but it looks like the 7025 and the 12ax7 are being sold as the same tube. Are they close enough I can buy one and sub for the other? I know they have different specs, but I want to make sure I'm buying the actual tube I want and not a "this is the same thing" substitute.
    Oh and by the way if anybody has an actual schematic for an RCA 416 projector I would sure like to buy it.
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    The 7025 is the low noise version of a 12AX7, they are functionally the same, and can be interchanged.
    Pics of the amps can be helpful, top and bottom.

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