PYLE DRIVER Woofer worth refoaming?

Discussion in 'Speakers' started by wksmith27, Jan 6, 2010.

  1. wksmith27

    wksmith27 Active Member

    I found a pair of Realistic Optimus-25's today for $15 at the flea market has Pyle Driver Woofers W1230 1098649 6440-1 8ohm's in them that needs refoaming.I'm new to this and was wondering if there worth refoaming.I thought if they were I'd try refoaming them.The tweeter's and mid-ranges tested good as the woofers did.The cabinets are in real good shape I guess they need to be recapped also.I'm still waiting on finding a schematics on my Nova-7B's have looked everywhere for some and can't find them,there in another thread.So your opinoins are welcome and thank you for your time.Keith
  2. PioneerGuy75

    PioneerGuy75 Certified Lurker

    Good one to learn refoaming on. Not much loss if it screws up...
  3. krowmagnum

    krowmagnum Compulsive speaker freak Subscriber

    I bought a pair of mystery speakers that had 12" Pyle Driver woofers and I wouldn't waste money on them unless you can afford to spend the money on it for practice. Like Pioneerguy says there's not much to lose.

    But I think you would be better off spending the money towards OEM woofers in my opinion. I have a pair of the 25's and they sound ok and I doubt the Pyles would make them sound better.
  4. wksmith27

    wksmith27 Active Member

    I was afraid of that as I couldn't find any links when I googled Pyle Driver on the www.What OEM woofers would you recommend for the 25's.Thanks,Keith
  5. krowmagnum

    krowmagnum Compulsive speaker freak Subscriber

    There may be another model speaker with the same drivers like the Realistic Optimus 5's and Radio Shack Nova 7B's. Same speaker, just different grille treatments. That may help widen the search for the correct drivers.

    Try an eBay search for Optimus 25's and you may find some woofers there. They shouldn't be too expensive.

    I can open mine up and post any numbers on the woofers if needed.
  6. krowmagnum

    krowmagnum Compulsive speaker freak Subscriber

    I just did a quick eBay search and nothing for Optimus 25 speakers.

    You could PM me and convince me to sell my woofers. Or at least try :D
  7. sealy

    sealy Addicted Member

    Contact The Shack for possible modern equivalents. I once had Pyles. Very painful.
  8. wksmith27

    wksmith27 Active Member

    Update on the Pyle Drivers:I took the L-pad,mid-range & tweeter's out of the Optimus-25's put them in the Nova-7b's cabinets & used the 7-b's woofers.They sound real good there replacing a pair of Bose 6.2 speakers I was using which the Realistic's they sound as good are better than the Bose.The 6.2's are rated at 4 ohms which my Technics Receiver is rated 8 ohms and what I read in here about taking a chance of burning up the receiver is one less worry to worry about.I want to thank all that helped me particularly Krowmagnum.Thanks,Keith

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