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Qobuz is coming to the US

Discussion in 'Streaming Services' started by botrytis, Dec 30, 2017.

  1. botrytis

    botrytis Trying not to be a Small Speaker Hoarder Subscriber

    PODUNC USA......
    I was just reading that Qobuz will be coming to the US in 2018 with regular and high res service. The high res will be high res flac, not the MQA stuff. It will be interesting to hear opinions from the people who actually do stream, what they think?


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  2. mhardy6647

    mhardy6647 AK Subscriber Subscriber

    so... how does one pronounce Qobuz?
    I mean, Siri and Alexa and Cortana and their friends are all gonna need to know, right?
  3. RamblinE

    RamblinE (╯°□°)╯彡┻━┻

    Got to have a backup plan for when Tidal goes under.
  4. ben_

    ben_ Active Member

    Lyon, France
    Living in their origin country I had the chance to give it a try for a few month.

    €19.99 / month gives you 16bit/44.1Khz FLAC streaming unlimited. Some more expensive plans offers access to higher res streaming, still in FLAC.

    I think it is really good value if you listen to classical, jazz or electro music but I resignated because the rock selection is mixed with pop music I didnt like and was less frequently updated than the jazz and electro section.

    You can also buy digital album on higher resolution from it.

    The Mac player is nice and there are plenty integration with harware streamers and smartphones too.

    Wish them to thrive on this global music streaming market
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  5. Rockyhill

    Rockyhill No marigolds in the promised land Subscriber

  6. chicks

    chicks Lunatic Member

    The Big Valley, CA
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  7. Condorsat

    Condorsat Audio Enthusiast

    How dare Whathifi do a review? We want cheerleaders not reviews.

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  8. Wildcat

    Wildcat Audio Sommelier Subscriber

    MI, US
    Strange review. In a nutshell? "It's good. OK...it's not good."

    And not very well researched. One needs to have the identical music (same resolution, same mastering) on hand as physical FLAC files to do an honest comparison. The alleged issues very well could be part of their software. How can we know if these same characteristics were present in the original files (as provided by the record label) prior to being streamed?

    Still, it beats the "lossy masquerading as audiophile" trainwreck that is MQA, IMHO...
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