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Discussion in 'AK New Format' started by z-adamson, Apr 18, 2017.

  1. z-adamson

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    I have a question and I hope / think this is the place to ask it.

    Why does Infinity, Fisher and Yamaha each have their own dedicated forum yet JBL does not?

    Pretty sure JBL has a bigger following here than do the above mentioned. Just saying. And what about Realistic? Lots of Realistic fans here. More than Yamaha anyways.

    How does it get decided which manufacturer gets their own forum?
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  2. toxcrusadr

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    Frequently asked question - insert any brand that doesn't have a forum already.

    If you were to search for the term "own forum" (include the quotes) you'll find some threads about this topic. Basically boils down to 1) finding a moderator 2) having enough traffic and 3) diverting traffic from other active forums such as (in this case) Speakers.

    Nothing against JBL, you understand.
  3. RichPA

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    tox has got it right, but maybe in the reverse order. And add, is there competition from another forum elsewhere?
  4. 313guy

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    That was my thought. JBL/Altec has the Lansing Heritage forum. Same reason Polk has no sub forum here.
  5. theophile

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    This is the correct answer. JBL fanatics(not simply the fans of the brand) are an insular bunch. They don't want a suburb in someone else's city. They want their own city. See what happens when a foolish Altec fan misguidedly sees Lansing Heritage as including them and Altec products. They are not sent packing, but by and large Atlec inquiries on the whole do not get anywhere near the replies and interest that JBL questions and discussions get. It is in practical terms first and foremost a JBL forum. Then in descending order a Harmon corporation product forum and as a concession to the others, an Altec Forum.

    In a similar vein, the inclusion of Accuphase products into the Kenwood forum will never make it into a full-blown place of interest to Accuphase fanatics, because they(fanatics that is) do not want to be associated with the Kenwood brand.

    Tribalism is what it is. Like it or not.

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