question about Pickering XV-15 with D750 stylus

Discussion in 'Turntables' started by arcorob, Jul 20, 2012.

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    I have a Pickering XV-15 that came with the Otto but needs a D750 stylus (about 100 bucks). Is it worth it ? How does it compare with other high end ? Right now I am running the Sumiko Pearl on that table but tempted to try it ..but don;t want to throw 100 bucks away...

    Comparisons ? Is it in the class of a ADC ZLM or Closer to an AT type cart ?

  2. KentTeffeteller

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    Genuine Stereohedron originals are two to three times that. It's in my book better than a ZLM in being a do it all cartridge. It is a MI cartridge and has the most musical midrange I have ever heard.
  3. arcorob

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    Thank you

    Then well worth the 100 for a stylus...So one more question...this was mounted on a medium mass that okay ? I am think of it for my Dual 721...Thoughts ?
  4. LAB3

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    I have the Pickering XUV with the D4500Q Quadrahedron their version of the Shibata (RZL in ADC) it sounds a better then my ADC XLM MK II Improved on my medium mass arm on my PL-518X Pioneer TT. I have used a NOS Pickering 4500S Sterohedron stylus on my XUV and it too had a wonderfull sound. If you get a good NOS Pickering stylus they are worth the money as I have tried a after market Pfanstiehl on my ADC and it never made me happy. My D4500Q is stupid expensive for a NOS and hard to find now so over the years I grab one when I see it. I wish now 30 odd years ago we would have purchased a hand full of new 4500 back then when they were not costing from $175.00 and up now for the Shibata. Look and see what series V15 Pickering you have? Check the V15 with a digital Ohmn meter and see if it is still in spec. On my ADC gold carts the higher the ohmn value the better the stylus you can use. The XLM MKII was a 625 ohmn and a XLMMkII Improved was a 820 ohmn when new, use a RXM stylus or the RZL Shibata. Don't use the RZL on standard XLM, wasted money spent on stylus for that cart.Same with the Pickering when you check the ohmn value... the D750 was for the XV15 so check the Ohmn Spec on the newer Pickering XV15 and then V15 as some of the older V15 AC2 used a DAC2 stylus that had a heaver tracking weight and the expensiive D750 will not be a good pick for the older V15. EDIT I just re read you have the XV15, go for the D750... I am tired.
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  5. arcorob

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    Thats okay..I get the point...just ordered a genuine NOS D750 ..just like the original ...$96 shipped so in terms of what I am paying for a quality cart..I figure...SCORE...LOL

    I have spare sleds for my Dual and headshells for my other tables so it will be interesting to round robin some of my carts..
  6. wualta

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    Whoops, got to you too late.
    But for the benefit of any others who need a line-contact stylus for their old Pickering XV-15 bodies (and who believe JICO can make a mistake), there's this Shibata-tipped stylus from JICO that imo works very well in the XV-15 bodies:

    I bought this awhile back [April 1 !] thinking it would fit my XUV-4500Q, as the website then claimed. But it turned out to be just what I needed for my stylusless XV-15. Sadly, like most of JICO's good stuff, it's not cheap.

    Since the bodies are identical, this gambit could also work for Stanton 68# owners pining for a Stereohedron and willing to settle for a Shibata.
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  7. Treker

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    If you don't mind sharing, where did you buy your NOS D750? I have an XV-15 in need of a stylus, and I would prefer to get a NOS stylus over an aftermarket version.
  8. sKiZo

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    I got a NOS genuine made in Plainview NY 625e off da bay a few months back ... set me back $50 including S&H. Specs are almost identical to the 750e, but the tracking force is a bit lower, so I assUme the major difference is the cantilever itself. Both are 3x7 elliptical.

    * Dug up the pOOp sheet, and the 750e is listed for "transcription" and automatic turntables, where the 625e is listed for manual and lighter tracking automatic tables.
  9. LAB3

    LAB3 AK Member

    Odd that their 4500Q did not work on the XUV...shame I would try one if it would work. I have read from several members some of the better JICO SAS etc were nice sounding stylus. Does JICO make a D4500 Q or D4500S that WILL play on a XUV? What about a none Shibata D2000 thru 5000 Elliptical .2X.7 that will fit a XUV? This old XUV was my late dad's favorite cart and now mine too. Or a Shibata for my XLM MK II Improved ADC stylus RZL.
  10. gadget73

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    The XUV is the equivalent to the Stanton 880. Its a moving magnet cart, not a moving iron so it makes sense that an MI stylus wouldn't do much in the MM body. For whatever confusing reason, Stanton/Pickering made those bodies physically the same so the stylii interchange physically, just they don't actually work if you swap them out.
  11. LAB3

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    Ok I need some help.. Moving Iron?? My old Kenwood receiver has has two Phono settings MM and MC. I have never owned a MC cart as I was told Pop's old Pioneer PL-518X did not have a good enough arm for a MC cart and I was at my max with the XUV with a Shibata tip on this medium mass tone arm??? I have not messed with vinyl in many years as this was my late dad's equipment I am re-learning how to use. 40 years ago I had a old Dual 1019 that I just used a tracking scale on and played a record. Now VTA, protractors, Azimuth settings etc still going to:music: school at 61 :D
    Thanks..... Louis
  12. arcorob

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    No one at my usual haunts like had them but there was a guy on the bay that had this ...he also has about 800 other carts, alot of NOS for various brands...

    Most others I see have replacements in the 600's range but not the 750

  13. wualta

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    Rest assured, we're not talking about anything MC (moving coil) here.

    Moving-iron is simply one of the two main ways there are to generate electricity in a cartridge without resorting to moving-coil. You can either wave a magnet at some stationary coils (MM, moving magnet), or you can wave some soft iron between a stationary magnet and some stationary coils and "conduct" the magnetic flux from magnet to coil (MI, moving iron). Whatever it takes to get the moving mass to a minimum.

    Our XUVs wave a tiny magnet at some coils-- the magnet is on the cantilever. The XV-15s wave a soft-iron "conductor", and the magnet is inside the cartridge body near the coils.

    Your Kenwood receiver doesn't know the difference. If you tried to tell it, it would only become confused. That's why these two categories are almost always referred to simply as "MM". The only time the difference becomes vital is when you're trying to replace an old Pickering or Stanton stylus. By the way, the Pickering D5000 stylus is a close relative of the XUV stylus. It's almost as hard to find one of those, but at least knowing about it doubles your chances of finding a replacement, NOS or [cough] aftermarket.

    I took a quick look at the 518x and I don't see any reason for you to deny yourself the moving-coil adventure any longer. MCs don't need the superlight tonearms the TOTL MMs did, so why not live a little? Ask around about MCs and you'll soon have armfuls of information.

    I've gotten a few good deals from him too. He's handy to have around.
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  14. LAB3

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    Thanks I get it now.I was looking at a Stanton ST.150 new TT and it has a 681EEE MKIII cart that is a MI and I read a little about it but you explained it better.:thmbsp: Right now I am looking for a spare stylus for the XUV. I was reading about the D1000 thru 5000 if I can find a NOS Pickering. Unless you know of a after market that will sound close to the NOS D4500Q I lucked out and found a few months ago. I emailed JICO last night asking about a stylus for the XUV. Anderson Music has some after market stylus and I asked who made them for him and he just said made in Japan...JICO??
    EdinTexas was into the XUV as he PM several weeks ago about adding a 1 gram to my tracking weight for the brush on the D4500Q. Maybe he has a spare or knows someone with a few spares. Thanks again for the information.
  15. wualta

    wualta < Spike Milligan, 1961

    Needless (needleless?) to say, I'll be very interested to hear their response, especially after my little adventure.

    I was never able to find a D4500Q stylus. What I did find was a sympathetic AKer who sold me a NOS D5000. The D3000 works too.
  16. LAB3

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    I found that guy on Eprey he had Pickering XV15 cart and NOS D750 ... I could buy a nice TT for he wants for both. :thumbsdn: I could sell my XUV and NOS D4500Q that has 30 hours on it 400 bucks or more ...:no: it was my dad's favorite. Glad I have a two ADC XLM MkII Improved for back up. Pop had a box I found with 8 different old carts mounted to fit the old Pioneer PL-518X he had collected over the years. I am Shocked how good the PL-518 sounds with the XUV and NOS D4500Q installed.. And those NOS ADC XLM stylus are getting hard to find. I use a old Shure M70B for my work cart on garage sale LP's. I looked for months every day looking for that D4500Q when I found on Eprey and it was in a Pfanstiehl box but when I saw the Pickering lettering D4500Q, tracking brush and the add had 608-DQX :scratch2:
    I took a chance at $125.00. It really is a NOS D4500Q like the worn out one Pop had :banana: that Lady had a lot of after market carts and two NOS in pages of carts that are not listed on Eprey when you type in D4500Q or a ADC RSZ etc, you had to know what to look for(NOS) and look at pages of carts...:sigh: Oh well I am retired and have some free time now to look now:thmbsp:

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