Question on Realistic Optimus 25 speakers

Discussion in 'Speakers' started by Anubis, Dec 12, 2010.

  1. Anubis

    Anubis Super Member

    I just picked up a pair of excellent cond Optimus 25 speakers and the tops of the cabinets are a bit faded, but not extreme, however obviously noticable straight away.
    Any suggestions as to restoring or bringing back the finish on these?
  2. budgetaudio6

    budgetaudio6 Addicted Member

    0000 steel wool and some old english for starters. should clean the cabs and lightly sand them down at teh same time.

    Remember this is for starting out. After this is done. Maybe after a few days use some howards feed and wax. Again with some steel wool.
  3. Bob Clobber

    Bob Clobber Quid carmen vultis audire

    I've read some good threads on restoring cabinets here, and I ended up using Howard's Restore - A - Finish with good results. It should work well for what you describe.
  4. markw300d

    markw300d Super Member

    Watco finish restorer is similar to Howard's I believe and available at Lowe's. I used the Restorer on my A25's but used the Watco walnut Danish oil on my Nova 10's. I used mineral spirits to clean some marks off first then used the danish oil with 0000 steel wool working with the grain. The walnut oil is darker and added some nice pigment to the faded wood. I was real happy with the results. I waxed them a day or two later with a wax I make from walnut oil and beeswax but there are lots of good waxes out there once you get them cleaned up.

  5. stereofanboy

    stereofanboy Addicted Member

    Damn, those look great!
  6. Anubis

    Anubis Super Member

    Wow! Nice one! Gods, they look perfect!
  7. markw300d

    markw300d Super Member

    Thanks, guys....ya I was happy with how they turned out. I love taking old speakers or furniture and trying to bring out the best in them. I keep forgetting the 'before" pics because I get in a rush to start working on them. The A25's I had turned out great too. It's fun and rewarding. After the recap, they sound better than I expected them to also. Some of the old Realistic and Optimus speakers were really quite nice.

    Good luck with yours, Anubis.

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