Radio Shack Nova 8B Speakers

Discussion in 'Speakers' started by Henrydozer, May 1, 2012.

  1. Henrydozer

    Henrydozer Banned

    Was looking at maybe picking up these Nova 8B Speakers to use in a bedroom system. They look to be in pretty good shape and somewhere under 100 dollars. Just waiting for the owner to get back to me. Does anyone have any experince with these speakers and are they worth looking into? The only experience that I have had with Radio Shack speakers was a set of Mach Ones that I picked up for 60 dollars in good shape and for the money I thought sounded pretty good. But when I decided to sell them I had a very hard time getting my money back. Thanks for any opinions.
  2. reggaenaut

    reggaenaut Addicted Member

    Do a google assisted search.
  3. Henrydozer

    Henrydozer Banned

    Thanks, but already did that just looking for opinions on here.
  4. RickeyM

    RickeyM AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Nova 8B, hmm, heard someting about them...

    I can do ya' one better. Hope you've got some time :D
    Nova 8B upgrade

    The point of that post is that these can be turned into very,very good speakers :music:

    They're not bad to start with and if you want to keep it simple, a basic re-cap is called for because of their age. If the finish (real veneer) is in good shape, I think the price is OK.
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  5. AnalogDigit

    AnalogDigit Realistic fan.

    Nova 8B I own a pair. There very good speakers. They have the crossover upgrade installed in them.
  6. Rockyhill

    Rockyhill Oh, she bit her dog, eh? Subscriber

    I have a pair of 8's that I updated with the VL mod (had to replace the tweet).

    I don't use them, however, due to very low WAF. I could be talked into selling, depending on your location...
  7. 313guy

    313guy Not Able Member Subscriber

    The Nova 8b, 7b, and Optimus 1b all use the same type woofer and it is outstanding. Whether it is worth that much is a matter of opinion. I gave a pair of 1b's to my son to take to school and people were shocked at how good "Radio Shack" store brand speakers sound.
    Now he wants two more so I am watching CL for another pair. Some folks know what they have and ask a lot. Others, well, I got my Optimus 1b pair for $10.
  8. cnh2

    cnh2 Super Member

    Same but different sizes? 8b is closer to a 12" and the 7b a 10".

    I bought 2 pairs of Nova 8s from a guy in Pa a couple of months ago for 60. Had a friend down there do the pick up and storage till I can get down for them. I'm curious as to whether the "mod" above would also work on the 8s-which as I gather are crossed over a bit differently?

  9. terra1

    terra1 Addicted Member

    Nova 8Bs are good speakers to keep.

    But you're going to have a tough time making your money back if you buy just under $100. Locally they all start at $100 or so. Then week to week they go down. $60 is where you might be able to resell if in really good condition but I wouldn't expect a quick sale. I think somebody beat me to them at $40. It would have to be to somebody who knows what they can do.
  10. Rockyhill

    Rockyhill Oh, she bit her dog, eh? Subscriber

    Yes, you can use the VL mod on an 8, you just need to replace the tweeters. It's in the mod thread.

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