RCA's with Linaeum tweeters??

Discussion in 'Speakers' started by Thespeakerdude8, Oct 14, 2008.

  1. Thespeakerdude8

    Thespeakerdude8 Super Member

    I scored a pair of these from goodwil today. I had ignored them for two weeks untill today I went to move them to look at an old AA5 radio and felt how heavy they were. I picked them up out of curiosity and pulled the grilles and hello-a planar ribbon tweeter! Hmm, I guess for $20 I should get them I thought.

    They are 5" kevlar woofers with the Linaeum tweeters. RCA, but made for radio shack as indicated by the RS model number 40-5037.

    What to do with these? Yes they have stunning imaging, but the rest of them don't sound much better than your average boombox speakers. I did stuff the ports with straws and threw a wash cloth in each for damping.

    I have a few options here:
    1) flip the speakers on ebay, they seem to fetch up to ~$100 a pair.
    2) flip the tweeters alone, maybe they would go for more or less, but shipping would be cheaper.
    3) add an external x-over and custom make some little cabinets and add them on top of my RS Nova 6's (which suffer from poor imaging due to the paper tweeters.)

  2. mhardy6647

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  3. archie2

    archie2 Addicted Member

    Worth keeping.
  4. Thespeakerdude8

    Thespeakerdude8 Super Member

    I am listening to the tweeters hooked up in place of the cone tweets in my nova 6's. The soundstage is too up front for me... can there be such a thing as TOO wide a soundstage? :screwy:

    I do have them sitting in front of the speakers so this may be a problem.

    EDIT: yes they are the top mounted full dipoles.
  5. Maxamillion

    Maxamillion Super Member

    I use those as surround speakers

    in my home theater. They are very good for that application - I have them mounted up on the wall behind the listening area, upside down so the tweeters aren't blocked by the rest of the speaker.
  6. markus

    markus Master Procrastinator Subscriber

    I really LOVE these particular tweeters (mhardy attached a pic of my open baffle 'evolving project' :D)

    they might not be the ticket for a 'boxed' low-end speaker . . . not low end cheap, just low end frequency . . . I've never actually heard them in that arrangement . . .

    they do IMO shine in an open baffle environment . . . I think they compliment the dipole radiation of a open baffle speaker nicely.

    if it were me, I'd keep 'em, make some JE labs open baffles, bolt on your 'full range' woofer of choice, add the Lineaums for HF augmentation, and enjoy :yes:
  7. Stuart Pedaso

    Stuart Pedaso In too deep Subscriber

    I have a pair of RCA PRO-LX55 (40-5007) which are similar, but with non-Kevlar mid/bass cones. The tweeters sound like they have great potential. LF portion has issues that beg modification. To my taste, cabinet resonance alone is enough to prevent listening enjoyment.
    Crossover mods are a hot topic with these speakers. And here are measurements showing a huge suck-out above 9 Khz from the tweeter directly on axis.

    It goes away off axis, which suggests you may want to avoid toe-in.

    Mine are back in their boxes until I decide whether I want to try and mod them or just build all new speakers using the tweeters.
  8. klama2006

    klama2006 Super Member

    I have a pair of these as well, and love the sound of them.

    They sound fantastic with low powered tube amps, and a turntable. They do an excellent job of covering up all the pops and hisses I tend to find in my collection with other speakers.

    This is by far the best application I have found for them.

    I don't have the Kevlar version, but the previous model. I found that the straws trick helps a little with the Huff, and Puffing.
  9. Damage

    Damage Super Member

    I think they sound like crap.
  10. ARRAY

    ARRAY Super Member

    Yeah but, Damage... tell us what you really think of them
  11. klama2006

    klama2006 Super Member

    Just to put things into perspective, I'm wondering what sounds good to you?

    I'm always looking to upgrade my own systems, and am always open to budget minded suggestions.
  12. ARRAY

    ARRAY Super Member

    One of the other housebrands that speaker was marketed under was Genexxa (Radio Shack?). I tore a set apart and it seems they used a real x-over and cast alloy enclosure. The tweeter designs are an interesting concept, but they aren't very efficient.
  13. Damage

    Damage Super Member

    That's kind of a loaded question isn't it.

    Overall, I've settled on four speakers out of many that I prefer. There are many things to consider and reasons I chose one over the other. And there are those I have yet to own but will. Easier to make a quick list of currents:

    Carver Amazings, Yamaha NS-1000, NS-690, Polk S10s, and Dynaco A25s
    The Polks off CL, Dynacos thrift. The NS-690s can be had for around $150.

    Now in the size speakers discussed here.
    Budget large bookshelf:
    1) Dynaco A25
    2) Tannoy just about any used ones at the pawn shops
    3) Alesis Monitors

    Budget small bookshelf:
    1) Mirage FRX 1 (This is about the best $60 you can spend on ebay for a pair of small speakers.... period.) M190is next.
    2) KEF C10
    3) ESM 4
    4) Energy Pro Series 1.5

    Budget tiny bookshelf requiring subwoofer:
    1) Mirage AVS 200
    2) Visonik Davids.
  14. jjohnson

    jjohnson AK Subscriber Subscriber

    I have a pair of the pre-kevlar version of these speakers. I use them as computer speakers in the near field, driven by a vintage Yamaha CR-420. They work quite well in the nearfield with imaging being exceptional. I'm not really sure that I would expect much of a 5" "woofer" for full range listening.
  15. klama2006

    klama2006 Super Member

    Sorry, I thought they sounded pretty good for the price, and was just wondering what you thought sounded better.

    I've bought all my speakers used. Every time I buy a new pair for myself, I always ask what the seller has replaced them with. Because when you think about it, there must be a some reason there being replaced.
  16. Urizen

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