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re-visiting some old friends

Discussion in 'Tube Audio' started by coman61, Mar 8, 2012.

  1. coman61

    coman61 Well-Known Member

    Vermilion Ohio
    Those who know me know that I have to change my system around every couple of months or so. It's been just about a year now since I had some flooding problems and I had my citation gear moth balled. I had the sniffles today and stayed home from work and thought what better to do then fire that stuff up. I have 2 Citation V's running in a series mono mode going to a pair of Aerial LR3's.....not the easyist load for any tube amplifer. I'm also listening to a HK Citation IIIs tuner that has been rebuilt and aligned by AK member Dr*audio.:ntwrthy: I rebuilt one of the amps with all the McShane mods and the other was rebuilt by Kegger.
    In my main rig I usually run more modern gear, Audio research to exact and I can whole heartly say that this system will give the more modern gear a run for it's money. Lately I even swapped out the ARC gear with some....:para:SS gear....don't tar and feather me:nono:A McCormack DNA .05 and an Acurus L11 pre amp running some Maggies MG 12 a fine sounding system in it's own right but it just does not have the lush liquidie sound that these citations have. I'am running a SS pre right now a Citation 17 and it does not seem to be doing any harm. Now I just need to get off my a$$ and get my citation I rebuilt.
    I have a Mcintosh MC225 on the way that has just come back from audio classics and I can't wait to compare it with the HK gear. FWIW I did have a Mcintosh MX110 that was rebuilt by a very respected AK member and I really didn't care for it. It is now gone
    They say that the Citation II is a better sounding amplifer and if it is I can't imagine what sounds like.
    OK I have bored you long enough.:smoke:
    Now I'll go n play in the street.:D

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    Last edited: Mar 8, 2012
  2. audiodon

    audiodon AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Arlington, MA
    Friends worth visiting.
  3. Kegger

    Kegger Anything can be S "MODed" Super Mod Subscriber

    Looks like your up to some FUN!

    I like the look of that tuner there. ;)
  4. jaymanaa

    jaymanaa AK Subscriber Subscriber

    That's some great gear there.:drool: Hey, I have plenty of sand in my main, and in my shop systems. :music:

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