Realistic Equipment From Late 1980s (STA-2150)

Discussion in 'Solid State' started by Stack, Sep 15, 2010.

  1. Stack

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    Hey. Still new to audio equipment and amplifiers, as far as actually owning units goes. I recently got my first stand-alone amplifier, a Realistic STA-2150, equipped with equalizer, tape deck, LAB-450 turntable, a CD player and Mach Two speakers for $100 at an estate sale. Add on another $25 for re-foaming the speakers.

    Have been scouring the internet for information on these components to see how I did. The Mach Twos seem to be highly regarded in certain circles, but I haven't found ANY information on the STA-2150 receiver aside form what was printed in the original Radio Shack catalog in 1989. It was apparently the second most expensive receiver they put out that year, the most expensive being approximately the same thing except with a remote control. I'm assuming that means its at least modestly high quality?

    I was wondering if anybody owns one of these things and could possibly share opinions on the audio quality compared to other receivers/amplifiers. To my inexperienced ears it sounds decent, yet sterile somehow. Vinyl has less of this, but it is still there.

    Again, I would love to hear input on this unit. Thanks! :music:
  2. wizargoz

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  3. Live_Wire

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    I'd say you did really good on getting just the Receiver/Speakers for $100. The other components all make it even better. Of course, this coming from a guy who damn near only listens to Realistic/Optimus stuff.

    Call me biased, but I am quite envious of you right now :p

    Good score mate!
  4. DaWoofer

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    Those speakers sure weren't cheap my any means. You done good. Your probably right about sterile though, but I wouldn't blame the speakers.
  5. Copa1934

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    Check my sig. Still own my STA-2500 (since new), Mach One's, LX Pros, STA-860, had a pair of Two's a couple years back (also bought new). I confess, former RS manager, but honestly I've always enjoyed RS gear since I was a kid. Still own my CD-2000 (second CD player sold be RS). I think that's....oh, forgot, recently bought a 5-disc changer (optimus something), uses standard Pioneer cartridges. I think that's it.

    Anyway, no regrets for me. Make sure to check out the foam on the woofers and mid-ranges. The latter aren't too obvious with the mesh grill on. Both are easy/cheap fixes and well worth it. Had the Two's as mains in my HT system and they did awesome.
  6. stereofanboy

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    Good price.
  7. Stack

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    Thank you for the input! The speakers were actually thrown in as an afterthought, as they needed refoaming. I opted to take both pairs, and it was a good thing as the other pair turned out to be some really buzzy no-name variety that just looked cool.

    I had heard buzz about receivers of this vintage being plagued with cheap design and therefore (I would think) inferior sound quality. The unit works absolutely perfectly! Glad to hear that I wasn't fleeced with a terrible amp!
  8. AnalogDigit

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    Very good price. You did good!
  9. BruceRPA

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    Uh, no, quite the contrary. You have found some very good equipment. Congratulations! Search around a bit (use the Google advanced search above) for information and I am sure that you will find quite a few owners of the 2150 that are more than happy with the build quality and the sound quality.

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