Realistic Optimus 25 three-ways

Discussion in 'Speakers' started by mea2112, Jan 8, 2008.

  1. mea2112

    mea2112 AK Subscriber Subscriber

    I bought a pair of these over the weekend at the local thrift store but I haven't been able to find any information on them. They seem to be fairly decent for a 3-way speaker with a 10" woofer. The cabinets have a nice walnut veneer too. Anyone have any information on them or experience with them?
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  2. super j

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  3. BruceRPA

    BruceRPA The former Ultra-Hog Subscriber

    Here is a catalog page scan from the 1979 catalog. I wish that I could say that I remember them but I don't remember enough to be useful.

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  4. Fletch

    Fletch Well-Known Member

    I picked up some Nova-5's a few weeks back and I like them. Nothing too spectacular but better than the crap KLHs I had hooked up. I imagine that they need a little bit more work to shine though.
  5. jeffn

    jeffn Mid-Fi Crisis

    I have a pair of the super tweeters on that page.......
  6. BruceRPA

    BruceRPA The former Ultra-Hog Subscriber

    I can't say that I remember much about the Nova 5s either. It has been a while...:sigh: They have a nice grille and a much nicer cabinet that the other 8" 2-way speakers like the utility MC-1000 series of speakers that RS carried over the years. Here is a catalog page scan from the 1983 catalog.

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  7. fdwaller

    fdwaller Active Member

    i have a set of the drivers only, with crossovers
  8. sealy

    sealy Addicted Member

    $17.95 apiece? Sold!!
  9. larry3284

    larry3284 Member

    realistic optimus-5

    I picked up a pair of realistic optimus-5 last month from thrift shop, mostly because they were in mint condition,[half price day picked them up for 8 dollars] but when I listen to them I really like their sound. I now have them in the front room and play them every day, definetly worth the money.
  10. ppontiac

    ppontiac Banned

    A friend had these back in 1977 or 1978. Sounded pretty good with decent bass. I'd buy a pair.
  11. HTHMAN

    HTHMAN Super Member

    Those were some of the better Radio Shack speakers. I had a pair of Optimus 5B's and currently have 2 pair of Optimus 1's. The acoustic suspension 1/1B, 5/5B and the corresponding Nova 7 and 8 models were my favorites.
  12. willhowl

    willhowl Well-Known Member

    Real Opt 25's........

    Hey Guys, I have a pair as my mains, and I LIKE them!!!!!

    Just wonderin'......this thread is an oldie.......Did Ya' notice?.... No Matter, AK info is always useful........

    There are some more recent posts on these coooool, but somewhat seldom seen (or discussed) speaks.............

    Check it out .....willhowl:D
  13. HTHMAN

    HTHMAN Super Member

    You are right, I need to get a new calendar. It is no longer 2008. I never look at the dates when a new post comes up. I inherited the problem from the poster before me.
  14. aabottom

    aabottom Swing

    Yes, I know, old thread, but I saw an Optimus-25 on CL today. Alas, they only had one speaker. I passed on it.
  15. Copa1934

    Copa1934 My ears are bleeding Subscriber

    Got two pair of those 4029 Mach One's, one pair of the 4024a, one pair of the 5b's (5's appear to be bass reflex, going by the image). Also have the Nova 7b's, which I'm listening to at this moment. Love the wood veneer on these old RS speakers.
  16. hjames

    hjames Lady Audio-buff ... Subscriber

    And I just found ONE of them 2 weeks back. Cabinet is in really nice shape -
    woofer reminds me of the older Advent woofers with the spitball center cap ...

    I was looking for an unused speaker cabinet to mount a Hypex HS-500 Subwoofer amp in -
    its got the room, but this looks too nice to butcher for such use ...

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  17. aabottom

    aabottom Swing

    You must have got the one Optimus-25 that I passed on in CL (Courthouse/N. Arlington). If not and you want a second one, PM me and I'll try to hook you up to the contact info.

    No afilliation.

    Thanks for the pictures. Looks like you need to take suction tool to the mid-range dust cap.
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  18. hjames

    hjames Lady Audio-buff ... Subscriber

    Thanks so much for the offer ...
    Actually, I found this one in Fairfax - I was just looking for a cabinet to gut and mount a subwoofer amp in -
    but once I got it home and took a look, I found it was in really great shape. I don't particularly need another pair of small speakers
    (my mains are the bigger walnut box behind it) - but I hate to gut it if someone else can make some use of it.
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  19. DonQuixote99

    DonQuixote99 just give me some truth Subscriber

    Does anyone know is the Optimus 25's 3020 woofer is a viable substitute for the 3016Aa used in the Optimus 5b and the Nova 8b?

    Form factor seems the same, and the two Optimus ones, at least, have the same size cabs....

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