Realistic RXT-4 cartridge same as Shure M97 or V15 type IV?

Discussion in 'Turntables' started by pilotputz, Mar 3, 2008.

  1. pilotputz

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    I picked up an old TT the other day simply for the cartridge. It is a Realistic RXT-4 made by Shure. I was curious if anybody out there in AK land could tell me what Shure cartridge this correlates to. The cartridge sounds pretty darn nice! It's quite warm and full that's not at all harsh or fatiguing on the ear.
    Also, does anyone know how much I need to compensate in weight for the brush? I know that it's one gram with my Stantons; is it the same with this--maybe a bit more or less? Any info would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks. Pilot

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  2. hakaplan

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    Philadelphia, PA
    It's a clone of the original M97. And yes, it's a very nice sounding cartridge. The tracking force is 1.25g. Add .5g with the brush down.
  3. kcollins4

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    Katy, TX
    Here's a good thread about the Realistic/Shure models.
  4. pilotputz

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    Thank you SO much , Kevin & Howard!!
    The stylus on this one looks pretty darn good, but thanks to your showing me some other options, I might just pick up a new one and keep this one for a spare.
    You guys rock!! Thanks again!! Chris
  5. scottdavis08

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    Realistic RXT-4 works on my Pioneer PL-50

    I have this cart on my just recently repaired Pioneer PL-50 TT. I just can't get the auto return to work correctly when the album is through playing. Anyway, this table with cart sounds fantastic! I am open for suggestions for experimenting with other cartridges though. I tried the Denon DL-110 on this table and actually prefer the Shure. The shure has a little more punch! Anyway, my 2 cents worth!
  6. BillyBatts

    BillyBatts ALOHA!

    Old thread but bumped because I just replaced the stylus on mine - complete with dampening brush. Someone other than me may find this useful.

    I use this CART on my Pioneer PL-514 out in my patio and replaced the Stylus with this model:

    No complaints. Sounds fantastic.
  7. bobins08

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    Very cool.

    Some of those old moving magnets do sound very nice. I just picked up a v15 type II and really like it. While not the last word in accuracy or detail the old vintage sound had punch and a warmth that takes you back. I like it for a change of pace.
  8. BillyBatts

    BillyBatts ALOHA!

    Great news.

    Radio Shack produced quite a few Shure Carts, but this was one of the GREAT ones to be sure :D. I've owned it since 1980 ish. 3rd stylus change. I inspect my Stylus about once a month under magnification when I'm actively using them. I have three tables so not all get used all the time.

    What I like about this CART is that it has the dampening brush. This makes it fantastic for warped records. It tracks better than my other CARTS. I was DELIGHTED to actually find a replacement Stylus with a dampening brush.

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