Realistic SA-2000 amp in the house!

Discussion in 'Solid State' started by jleon92f, Jan 28, 2008.

  1. jleon92f

    jleon92f Addicted Member


    My Amp finally arrived from the North Hemisphere. It will almost complete my collection.

    Realistic SA-2000.:banana:

    UPDATE: Both of them were SOLD. I am still unemployed working @home.

    Pics to share.

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  2. Gibsonian

    Gibsonian AK Subscriber Subscriber

    How does she sound?
  3. ybaolywa

    ybaolywa Super Member

    Pretty good-looking amp. What are the specs?
  4. jleon92f

    jleon92f Addicted Member

    Good Morning,

    I have not hooked the new amp up, but here is some infornation on it.
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  5. shrinkboy

    shrinkboy AK Subscriber Subscriber

    your collection of....??
  6. jleon92f

    jleon92f Addicted Member

    Vintage Realistic audio amps and tuners.:music:

    I have most of them now and they all work nicely.:banana:

  7. Blast

    Blast I Wanna Rock Subscriber

    I still have my SA-2000 that I bought in 1977 for $259. I think that was retail. What date was that catalog page? I see they went up to $329! You'll enjoy that amp. Mine has been doing duty on the main stereo since day one. Although in the past 25 years it has only seen duty as a high end amp rolled over at 3.5KHz, or so (i modified it with pre-outs and power amp in's). Back in the '80's I removed mine from it's cabinet so I could rack mount it with my other equipment. And like an IDIOT I threw the cabinet away. <kicks self again> Grrrr! Of course with the modification I made it will probably never be worth full value anyway. I'll probably just drive it until it drops. Enjoy yours!
    Would like to see your collection- you probably have posted photos of it somewhere.
  8. jimfet

    jimfet AK Subscriber Subscriber

    I had 2 of those Sa 1000's. runnig 2 GE speakers and 2 Realistic speakers, when I was in high school. Had the matching tuner too. Also the EQ and the matching 8 trac recorder. I was a bag boy. Drove a piece of crap car though.
  9. jleon92f

    jleon92f Addicted Member

    Hi Brian,

    I like the Blue light meters too, Did you have the onwers manual? Because I have a about the Perfect Level adjustment on the front.

    I like Realistic products, I have there 8 track players and recorders too.

  10. Clmrt

    Clmrt Just thrilled.

    I think the dual sliders for volume would bother me. Looks really nice, though!
  11. x_25

    x_25 Big Vandies!! Mwahahah...

    Ah those blasted dual sliders. I have those on my Realistic STA-85. Takes me forever to get them even. I seem to be starting my own little realistic collection, I have the STA-85 (black faced) a Realistic 5 band EQ (forget the #) and they power my Minimus 7's.

    Nice amp though, I wish my receiver had power meters like that.
  12. John L

    John L Chief Bloviator

    I tend to agree. My favorite receiver is the Dokorder 800X, and it has two sliders. However, one is balance, and the other is volume. Once you set the balance, you don't need to move it anymore.


    Also, I really like the fact that you can close a door, and protect most of the buttons and knobs. I Really like that, since I am not into all those nipples all over the place.:D

  13. Blast

    Blast I Wanna Rock Subscriber

    My bulbs are burning out- I need to get on that. Yes, I have the original manual. Even though I haven't utilized Perfect Level since I run it as a power amp I can still remember how it works. Perfect Level is a "custom" loudness compensator, to put my own words to it. To set it, turn it all the way down (ccw). Then, with a source playing, push the volume sliders all the way up (it shouldn't be too loud at that point). Then rotate the Perfect Level (cw) to the MAXIMUM volume you think you'd be listening to at any given time. Then move the sliders down to adjust the volume and leave PL where it is at all times. Coolness, huh?

    Oh, me and the managers at a couple of RS's were always good buds. For a kid without much money I had my share of their "stuff". Reel to reel, 8 tracks and cassettes. I kind of outgrew RS when my wattage needs went over that of the SA-2000. I bought a Carver "cube" M-400 and a Nakamichi electronic crossover and utilized the SA-2000 in a bi-amp situation where it remains today.

    So... got any photos of your Realistic collection? I've got the SA-100B, SA-175C, SA-500, SA-700, SA-900, SA-2000. For tuners it's the TM-100, TM175, TM7 (2 of them, but only one's any good), TM-90. For speakers it the MC-1000's only (sold my Optimus-5's a long time ago). I'm in the process of putting my photos on Photobucket- I'll post when I'm done.
  14. Blast

    Blast I Wanna Rock Subscriber

    Sweet Dokorder! That's a rare bird! JVC used to make a few TOTL VCRs (for them and Zenith) that had doors that opened very similar to that. I used to work on VCR's throughout the 90's and wondered if the ribbon cable that hooked the controls to the rest of the amp could ever wear out and snap in anyone's lifetime. It would probably take a LOT of opens and closes to do so. Dokorders, wow, you just don't see many of those, particularly if it's not a tape deck!

    Yes, if you're going to do sliders then separate volume and balance IS the way to go AFAIC. I'm not sure which I hate most- dual volume sliders or dual-ganged volume controls (left on the outside and right on the inside AKA Realistic SA-175).
  15. automojo

    automojo OurBandCouldBeYourLife Subscriber

    Curious on the sound. Is it a bit tubby like some of their recievers?
  16. jleon92f

    jleon92f Addicted Member

    Hi Brian,

    Thanks for the info on the "Perfect Level" I will try it tonight.
    I put up another amp this week, the SA-2001 is playing. Still needs a power switch button and slider knob. But it sounds good. I need to hook it up to better speakers this weekend. My Advent Maestro's.

    I will go through my Realistic collection and get some photo's up.

    Enjoy the sound!
  17. xytronic

    xytronic New Member

    Anybody have the spec's on the Realistic SA-2000 Stereo Amplifier, or more information? I just got one at the salvation army.Is it worth anything guys? thanks in advance
  18. BalancedXLR

    BalancedXLR Banned

  19. Rickcarlins

    Rickcarlins New Member

    question about the realistic SA 2000 stereo amplifier

    What is today’s value for a realistic SA 2000 stereo amplifier that is in perfect working order and very good condition cosmetically?
    Thanks, Rick
  20. they pop up on ebay now and then at not too bad $$. just put in realistic sa 2000 and see what comes up.

    I think those RS amps can stand next to any Pio, Sui, or KW amp and never have to apologize.

    non on ebay just now tho

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