Realistic STA-120B Receiver

Discussion in 'Solid State' started by BruceRPA, Apr 5, 2006.

  1. BruceRPA

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    I just bought an old favorite of mine on Ebay for $10. As I have mentioned previously, I worked at Radio Shack back in the "good old days" and one of my favorite receivers was the STA-120B. If had a lot of nice features, a great tuner section, and it sounded really good. I haven't seen one in years but I stumbled on one listed on eBay so I bid on it. I was surprised to be the only bidder and won it for $10.00, plus $25 shipping. The seller did a very nice job of packing it and it arrived today, right on time. It fired up and sounds great, just like I remember. Now I am looking for an owners manual and a service manual. If anyone has any information to share I certainly would appreciate it. I have catalogs from that era. I am curious who actually manufactured it for Radio Shack. I haven't opened it up yet but expect to sometime soon.

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  2. Crotalus

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    Very nice and a durn good price also. The black face/dial really make it look sharp. I'd be interested in seeing some pics of the insides if you get a chance.
  3. BruceRPA

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    Realistic STA-120B

    I will post pictures as I work with it. The tuner section really does work well. This thing is better than I remember it. I would not consider it high end gear by any means but considering that it sold for only $300 back then, it's pretty darn good, all things considered.
  4. Celt

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    A classy looking receiver! :yes:
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    Ever find that service manual? I'm looking for one now myself, just picked one up on ebay.

  6. BruceRPA

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    No, not yet. I havent done anything with the 120 in quite a while due to other projects that keep popping up. Thanks for the reminder though. I will have to look again. if I do find anything I will let you know.
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    Realistic STA-120B

    Hi--I could use a service manual for the 120B too -- I've had one for years and it got a fat lightning strike this summer......deader than a haddock..........Please let me know if you find any paperwork on this good old timer; I'd sure like to get her going again. Thanks, Steve:banana:
    By the way, I've done the Google search, and contacted Radio Shack themselves and have had no luck.
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  9. AnalogDigit

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  10. terra1

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    I saw that. And I remembered your previous posts about it. I had a brief notion, but I was focused on some other targets.

    Actually quite a few RS receivers have been going for much less or have been ignored until relisted for lower lately.

    Congrats! :thmbsp:
  11. Smorgy

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    I have the original owners manual for my STA-120B, but no service manual. In searching through it, I see no reference to who actually manufactured the unit other than "Custom Manufactured for Radio Shack". I hope someone can post that piece of information, it would be interesting to know.

    Catalog No. 31-2042, the cover says: Model STA-120B Solid State 150-Watt Stereo RM Receiver. I measured 55 watts RMS per channel at about 7 on the sliders via my Realistic APM-200 power meter. The speakers I was pushing at the time wouldn't take much more so I stopped.

    This unit is definately a little gem considering I paid $25 for it. The FM Section doesn't drift off stations and it just always works without any headaches. (Except for the speaker connections ... grrrrr)

    Here are the specs from the owners manual.

    Amplifier Section:

    Audio Output per 8 ohms:
    80 watts RMS, 120 Watts IHF, +/- 1db 150 Watts IHF
    Harmonic Distortion: Under 1.0%
    Frequency Response: +/- 1 db 20-25000 cps or better
    Sensitivity: Magnetic phono (low) 2mv, (high) 5mv
    Tone Controls:
    Bass +/- 12 db@ 100 cycles
    Midrange +/- 6 db @ 1500 cycles
    Treble +/- 12 db @ 10,000 cycles.
    Hum (Phono) -65 db

    Radio Tuner Section:

    FM Sensitivity: 2 uf IHF
    FM Stereo Seperation: 35 db @ 1000 cycles
    FM Image Rejection: 75 db
    FM Signal-to-Noise Ratio: 65 db
    AM Sensitivity: 40 uv
    AM Image Rejection: 80 db
    AM Signal-to-Noise Ratio: 50 db
    Antennas: Built-in AM and FM, plus external facilities

  12. BruceRPA

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  13. terra1

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    Wow! Thanks. Great find!
  14. highwaychile

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    Thanks for the link Analog. I have recently picked up an STA-120, SA-900, and some assorted speakers, so it will be interesting to do some research here.
  15. baj81

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    Fun thread. Picked up one of these, off the bay last week. I'm using it now. Cleaned the volume faders and switches. Maybe it's the speakers I use (Yamaha NS-A635A bookshelfs) but I'm noticing that a lot of the bass kicks out when I turn OFF the loudness switch. Some of it can be rectified by cranking the bass knob all the way up, but I was wondering if anybody else had this problem. When I flip the loudness switch back on and readjust the bass, treble and mid knobs, the bass comes back on again.

    It could just be a quirk of that piece of gear. I've cleaned all the switches so that shouldn't be the issue. Thoughts? Opinions?

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