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Realistic STA 2270, not bad!

Discussion in 'Solid State' started by cnh2, Nov 7, 2011.

  1. cnh2

    cnh2 Super Member

    New England

    I picked up one of these a while back for very little coin. Wasn't sure what I was getting into with a mid 80s Realistic. I wondered how it would compare with my '70s stuff?

    Well, this is surprising me some. 65 watts x 2. I have it running a fairly efficient set of RSL 40s (3 way 12" JBL-esque array). Good power, good bass, clean highs, nice imaging. What's not to like? Pretty surprising considering this is not TOTL and mid 80s? It is a Japan made unit that draws 350 watts from the wall, though. Some of these Realistics are real sleepers, it seems. Nice tuner performance, as well!

  2. cfinchrist

    cfinchrist God bless America.

    That's cool. I've been thinking about trying a realistic receiver myself.
  3. Copa1934

    Copa1934 My ears are bleeding

    Great Northwest
    STA-2500, original owner. I've replaced the power switch and the volume pot. So other than typical wear and tear it's held up quite well. No doubt in my mind it delivers all 100wpc cleanly. Still have my first Realistic CD player, only the third one sold by RS, and still fully functional. Well one gatcha, door likes to close on it's own from time to time. I think it's possessed. Bought a STA-2100 this past summer, cleaned her guts up and she cranks! Loves the old Mach One's.
  4. AnalogDigit

    AnalogDigit Realistic fan.

    Des Plaines, IL
    Realistic receivers are great and for the most part can be picked up very cheap. I'm a pretty big fan of them.

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