Realistic STA-64B

Discussion in 'Solid State' started by Roypercy, Jun 27, 2005.

  1. Roypercy

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    hey all:

    Just found one of these at the curb on recycling day. Besides a couple nicks in the wood veneer case, it's in excellent cosmetic shape and works just fine. I have to say it's kinda pretty for what it is.

    Anybody have any info on this unit? Any idea who made it for Radio Shack?


  2. MarkAnderson

    MarkAnderson Addicted Member

    Umm.....can we see it? - Mark
  3. mhardy6647

    mhardy6647 AK Subscriber Subscriber

    From the horse's mouth

    1979 Radio Shack catalog. Sorry that the scan is so... Impressionist. The nice folks at Tandy Corp. didn't print their catalogs on acid free, 24-lb paper for archivists like us. :)

    EDIT: turns out the 'auto correct' in the s/w bundled with this computer does a pretty good job with yellowed newsprint!
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  4. B3Nut

    B3Nut tubes and spinny things!

    It's most likely a Foster Electronics piece. They were Tandy's main OEM for that stuff.

  5. Roypercy

    Roypercy Super Member

    Hey, thanks for all the info. And thanks a million for the scan, MH! Really cool to see the receiver in its "natural environment". The price seems surprisingly high for what it was, am I wrong? Not surprising that it's got a FET tuner - the sensitivity is very good for its size (much better than the Onkyo 2500 MkII, for example).
  6. mhardy6647

    mhardy6647 AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Radio Shack's prices were ALWAYS high!
  7. MarkAnderson

    MarkAnderson Addicted Member

    True, but the frequent 50% sales made the stuff very affordable. I got my first two pairs of "real" (keep your comments to yourselves, please) speakers at half price. Oh, and thanks for the scan, mrh. - Mark
  8. Rootix

    Rootix New Member

    Good example of Tandy's finest equipment. According to RMS standards it is rated at 16 watts per channel, but do not be fooled by snobbery, this is fully adult realistic and its also quite capable. Soundwisely is perfect, maybe that is why Realistics costed a lot back in 70's. About OEM it does not really matter as Tandy was a source of design and circuitry, so every one manufactured exactly what Tandy paid for. For example weakest and strongest models of their receivers were manufactured by Pioneer, but better in my opinion were machines made by Foster. Those were composed with the finest materials and most of insides were outsourced from Sanyo. About all models (most number) being manufactured in South Korea, an OEM responsible was Inkel, again Inkel was producing what Tandy wanted and slightly worse quality finish is a fault of economical approach of Americal corporation. Inkel still manufactures stuff for Tandy, I am not sure that Realistic trademark still exist, but Tandy sales cheaper stuff with Memorex and Sherwood badges. It is sad that the Realistic idea has abandoned oldschool circuitry in mid 80's, I believe if they had continued, they would of been best Hifi manufacturer in the world by now.

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