Record Bin From single 4 x 8 Sheet of Plywood - Plans

Discussion in 'DIY' started by sxty8goats, Dec 10, 2010.

  1. sxty8goats

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    Another member built one of these and I needed something to occupy my mind a bit. So I mocked one up in Solidworks to see what I could come up with. All in all it is a simple and nice looking bin.

    It will hold between 500 and 600 records, currently modeled with 125 per section. (assuming 1/8" thick record sleeve.) so 500 is a conservative estimate. Top of record in the top bin will be @ 39" above the floor, a nice easy browsing height.

    I have not built this yet, it is winter and I'm not sure I'd have the room. It was mainly done to see what I could get out of a sheet of plywood. Were I to build it I'd glue every seam and use nails / or screw to assemble. A solid glued seam will be strong as an ox once it drys. Below is Chimpkin's original post that inspired me to think on this, followed by my images and the cut drawing. If anyone builds from these plans, post a pic, I'd love to see it done in reality. Thanks to Chimpkin for the inspiration.

    Cut List: (Thumbnail)

    Additional Images: See Post #8 in this thread for the first build :)

    V2 Has Casters (easily added to V1) rated at 90 lbs per corner for a total of 360 lb capacity. 600 180g records weigh 240 lbs.
    V2 also has a simpler cut list which results in deeper bins. I personally prefer the look of the shallower bin so I've posted both cut sheets.

    V3:Vertical Grain Thanks go to Doc Zinger for this version.
    Assembly and optional casters still apply. See other drawings for caster part number and assembly.
    For those that want to have the grain running vertically and don't mine a few extra cuts.
    The front shelf pannels are 1/16" shorter and the dividers are 1-3/4 inches shorter.
    Other than that the over all dimensions have not changed.
    You also must be a bit more careful to get the shelf cuts correct as they no longer
    share the cut to get the same width.

    Assembly Tips, Tips and Variations.
    Links point to specific posts in this thread.

    Staining Hard Woods from member : timie1

    Draws added for storage from member x2turbo

    Yet another version. 3 sheets of 3/4" plywood to make 2 bins with 3 shelves per bin. Each should hold @ 600 records. I appoligize if the images are suddenly huge, photobucket no longer offers a thumbnail option as far as I can see. That was the main reason I used the service back when I used it.

    Budabel came up with this version. You can find a photo of his finished racks and a PDF of all the below drawings here:



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  2. dumptruck

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    Thanks for the write up, and good call starting a new thread.
  3. sxty8goats

    sxty8goats Super Member

    Good call on the supports. You could easily cut a couple 1-1/2 thick strips and glue / screw those under the shelf to give it plenty of added support.
  4. MikeCh

    MikeCh Super Member

    Aka, cleats. Cool design that could be attainable by most with simple tools! Thanks for the idea as I need some more LP storage in a small closet and this really fits the bill.

  5. ecandle

    ecandle AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Bad ass, thanks
  6. sxty8goats

    sxty8goats Super Member

    So that is what the carpenters call long ass gussets. ;) I Typically work in metal and plastic. If you build it, please post pics. I'd love to see it outside of a computer model. I have to credit Chimpkin for the idea, I just was in the perfect position to be distracted from my metal and plastic for a few minutes and like the challenge of using one sheet of ply.

    You are welcome.
  7. bobva

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    Rack on :thmbsp::thmbsp:
  8. maxsaxophone

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    Thanks for the plans!

    I found this thread yesterday and decided to give it a go. I followed the given specs for the most part, excluding the height of the sides, fronts, and dividers which were raised an inch each to reduce the number of cuts required and keep waste to a minimum. I think it turned out nice.

    The unit is fastened together by 2" drywall screws. The plan was to fit it together and drill the screw holes, then disassemble it (for the back seat of my car) and move it from my parents' shop to my apartment, then reassemble it with glue added. The tacks we used to hold it together temporarily turned out to be more trouble to remove than expected, so the decision was made to keep it assembled, forego gluing the pieces together, and add more screws as well as support blocks (scraps used, waste eliminated!) under the shelves. My girlfriend volunteered her SUV, so transport is no longer an issue.

    The edges are finished with 3/4" moulding, shaped somewhere between flat and half-round. It sits on 4 hard rubber feet and has a cable pass-through to allow for a lamp to be fixed to the underside of the top shelf. I'll stain it when the weather gets warmer.

    If all goes well with this one, I'll have to con my stepdad, who made this one possible, into helping me do two more of these. One for the rest of my lp's and a modified unit for 45s, which i desperately need a solution for. I've got 9 expedit blocks packed tight as it stands, but my neck was not built sideways. Since I like to flip through covers with lots of extra room to browse, this unit will only hold about 60% of my records.

    Thanks for the ideas and inspiration everyone,

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  9. Numistrek09

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    Very nice. I'll save this one for the day when i have enough albums to fill it.
  10. TebbieBear

    TebbieBear Active Member

    Very nice looking cabinet. I would love to see what you have planned for the 45s as I also have a large number of the little buggers looking for a home.
  11. Scuzzer

    Scuzzer Fixed Bias

    Sweet! That's pretty much exactly what I had planned for the listening room. Thanks for saving me the time and energy trying to actually plan the thing out.
  12. maxsaxophone

    maxsaxophone New Member

    Thanks a bunch,

    I've only had a chance to draw up plans on graph paper, but I'll try to get them into the magic typewriter somehow. I plan on keeping the outside dimensions the same, but the 45s bin will have four shelves instead of two. The top one will be very similar to the lp version, the other three will look the same from the front, but will be drawers. Each shelf will have 2 dividers instead of one. The lp unit has 77" of space, the 45s unit will have about 220" of space. And while that number sounds huge, the need to be able to browse comfortably will reduce its efficiency a bit.

    And if I actually follow through with the other cabinets and still am not satisfied, I think a matching audio center with a recessed TT and a mac mini or similar as an itunes player, with extra storage for record supplies to boot would be awesome.

  13. Slowhead

    Slowhead Active Member

    Thanks to all involved. I'll make one this Winter.
  14. Arkay

    Arkay Lunatic Member

    Really nice design - Congratulations and thanks! :thmbsp:

    Unfortunately, it's something I'll have to file away for some future year. I live in a downtown apartment in one of the most expensive places on the planet, and have to think of space utilization in linear and cubic inches -literally! That design --as much as I'd love to be able to flip through records that way-- wastes way too many cubic inches of empty space for my circumstances. I'm stuck with sticking to Expedit-style storage... and even my Expedits have a couple of LPs slipped flat on top of the usual vertical ones, as well as a few stood flat across the fronts of each cubicle, which must be removed to see the spines of the others... Added up, that's like adding another cubicle or two to the whole unit. I also have more shelves on top, up to the ceiling. Even with a decent-sized (by local standards) apartment, I need to think and work that way, to keep everything in here and still have any decent "living space"... sigh...
  15. sxty8goats

    sxty8goats Super Member

    Nice Max. I updated the cut list drawing to match your layout. Not only does it reduce the cuts needed, it allows for 4 cuts to be made at your local home depot so that you can put the parts in the back seat of a typical car. Nice. I didn't adjust any of the heights, couldn't quite see where you added an inch and I have ideas for the scrap anyway :)

    Thumb, click for full size:

  16. voltcontrol

    voltcontrol Fizheuer Zieheuer

    Great project, thnx for adding the cutsheets! I'll reccomend it to a friend for his dj room.
  17. dnpainting

    dnpainting AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Nice Design. Thank you for posting this. I went out today and got the plywood. This will fit nicely along side my DIY RCM.

    Thankx again
  18. greenmark59

    greenmark59 Can ya' hear that?

    WOW!!!! I was just thinking of this type of record holder since my 51 yr old neck and knees and eyes don't do as well when looking for records in my wall unit. Since this will also make it easier to sort and file and FIND records I will probably play more vinyl. YIPPEE!!!!
  19. maxsaxophone

    maxsaxophone New Member

    Firstly, Thank you very much for the initial effort you put into this.

    I remeasured my dimensions just to verify where i got the extra inches. Turns out that I misspoke slightly. The back was shortened 1/2" to be twice the size of the shelves so the fronts would line up. The fronts ended up being 9 1/4" high, and the the dividers 8 1/2" high to sit flush with the front. With the moulding added, the records will sit a little deeper than I expected, but will be safer, and have a smaller chance of being knocked out of the bin by careless guests.

    Being able to have the big cuts done at home depot saved us a lot of effort. By clamping the corresponding pieces together, we only had to make 5 cuts with the table saw. One thing I should mention to those considering this project: make sure to mark which side is the face. In my case, one side was finish sanded and we were careful to keep that side facing outwards when piecing it together. The only time it really matters during cutting is when the notch in the top is cut.

    I'm taking the unit home tomorrow and will finally be able to see what it looks like filled up!
  20. Amcrebelfan

    Amcrebelfan AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Quick question would one be able to put casters on these? Wife likes them a lot just wondering in case she needs to move them from time to time. I want to put two to three in the living room and one in basement work area.

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