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Discussion in 'Members' Systems' started by Redboy, Feb 17, 2011.

  1. Redboy

    Redboy a few good watts Subscriber

    I'm trying to figure out how to summarize this stuff.

    My system changes a lot because I'm ever distracted by shiny pennies, but some underlying themes exist:
    • I like to DIY
    • I like old, heavy turntables
    • I like passive preamplifiers
    • I like single-ended tubes (or valves)
    • I like efficient speakers
    • I like the whole KISS concept

    My system's just a little bit off the beaten path. Flea-powered tube amplifiers producing just a few good watts, esoteric DIY stuff, idler turntables, giant horns. I listen at low volume, prefer jazz at this point.

    The stuff (click through for threads with more pictures and information):

    Vinyl stuff


    Phonostage is a Herron VTPH-1MC or a Bottlehead Seduction with step up transformers.

    Preamp is a passive job, built around S&B TX-102 transformers:


    Amplifiers are single ended EL84 monoblocks that I built.


    Speakers are based on Edgarhorns.


    Here are the best pictures of how it currently all comes together. When I brought the speakers in, I had to rearrange the room kind of radically and everything got stacked on whatever was convenient. I still haven't found a good solution for the stack - I'm still looking for a good "stand" or rack for it all. Oh, and the giant rack thingy that you see on the right side of the second picture is no longer there. :)


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  2. Mike Gibson

    Mike Gibson Modulator Super Mod Subscriber

    Absolutely beautiful setup. I'd really like to hear it.
  3. caddisgeek

    caddisgeek sorry.......what?

    tell me more
  4. TejasRichard

    TejasRichard Babies taste of chicken..

    Wow. Just wow. It is all beautiful, but that tt is spectacular.
  5. Art K.

    Art K. The Voodoo You Do! Subscriber

  6. Redboy

    Redboy a few good watts Subscriber

    Thanks, guys.
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  7. doucanoe

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  8. Fast_Eddie

    Fast_Eddie Upper-middle fi

    Very nice. Is there a write up on the amps somewhere?
  9. Redboy

    Redboy a few good watts Subscriber

  10. Redboy

    Redboy a few good watts Subscriber

    Here's another picture of the turntable. The tonearm is a 12" Thomas Schick, and I'm currently running a Denon DL-103 cartridge on it.

  11. opt80

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  12. aidynphoenix

    aidynphoenix AK Subscriber Subscriber

    :jawdrop::drool: :ntwrthy:
  13. timofred

    timofred I'm just a garbage man... Subscriber

    What a lovely system, and an inviting room you have.
    I like the cupbord/shelf running around the room, good for breaking up reflections.
    Nice pussy.
    I would love to hear it all.
    Cheers, Timo.
  14. cableguy

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  15. voltcontrol

    voltcontrol Fizheuer Zieheuer

    Sweet lord, that pre is a class act... :drool: (Srry I also drooled over the rest of the stuff)
  16. Jailtime

    Jailtime Standin' on a corner Subscriber

    Wow, Nate, that's some fine gear. I'm digging the TT. I really want an Empire 208 right now. So what's still 208 original in your TT?
  17. Redboy

    Redboy a few good watts Subscriber

    All the stuff that makes the 208 great is in the "new" version. That's the platter, bearing and motor.
  18. ehoove

    ehoove Old & New - Carpe Diem Super Mod Subscriber

    Very nice and great DIY work! I'd love to hear it someday.
  19. Jailtime

    Jailtime Standin' on a corner Subscriber

    If I ever scrounge one up, I'll probably just go with a different base and tonearm. Maybe an SME. I don't think I have the skills to build something like your Skele-208.
  20. ejfud

    ejfud Audio Pinhead

    The good news is it sounds even better than it looks!

    Awesome Nate.

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