Refurbishing H.H. Scott S-71 speakers, Part 2

Discussion in 'Speakers' started by Gregory, Dec 30, 2006.

  1. Gregory

    Gregory Radical Lab Animal

    [size=-2]Concept done in Jasc Paint Shop Pro 7[/size]

    This is the next installment of the H. H. Scott S-71 refurbish project.

    Here is the baseline `photocopy´ original..


    Here's a photo of a pair with dark grills from the web, not my speakers (but similar)


    And the latest re-cabinet design concept with and without riser..

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Note vertical driver array and massive cabinet of ~30 mm thickness with heavy internal bracing to equal stock cabinet volume. Midrange is weak and upgrade is needed, including mid sub-enclosure. The objective is to repackage and rebuild `the sound´ that I've known and loved for decades!! :thmbsp:

    Comments welcome,

  2. John in MA

    John in MA Respect the gamba tuba

    They'd stack great with the ML-2C line arrays. :)
  3. Gregory

    Gregory Radical Lab Animal

    LOL.. hey John.

    Yep, the cabinet artwork came from YOUR ML-2C re-cabinet concept composite. Please comment on NEW midrange driver and crossover mods.

  4. Trower

    Trower Two-Headed Boy

    Wow its good to see another Scott speaker fan:) Im sure I'll be jelious when you get them finished. I will be very interested to see what you use for mids, for that is the one big downfall of these speakers. Best of luck, Nick
  5. Gregory

    Gregory Radical Lab Animal

    Just thought of something. With those 12" drivers so close to the floor, the bass would be predominant. The S-71's were mounted on chrome pedestals which were chair bases which swivel in azimuth as well.. with a slight `tilt-back´ formed into the mounting plate. I'll try and get one out to photograph and add that assy to the concept sketch.

    BTW.. here's a source for midrange drivers:

    Anything familiar on there? Any other sources of mid-drivers?

  6. Trower

    Trower Two-Headed Boy

    Well for my Scott's I have 2 pairs of 197b's from the late 70s.There similar to yours minus one tweeter. One set is here at my parents house and the other set is at college. The ones here at the house are a set that my father bought new in like 78 or 79 for 300usd. He gave them to me when I was 16 (7yrs ago) and the subs were in pretty rough shape so I took out the subs and replaced them with some 12in 8ohm MTX's which sounded almost the same as the originals, which shocked me. I used them like that for a long time and loved them, but the mids were pretty bad and needed to be replaced. So a couple years ago I put in a set of Goldwood sealed back mids, because I didn't want to mess with making some sealed enclosures for the mids. They sound quite good with the single tweeter setup of the 197b's, but the ones at school I made a sealed chamber for some better mids out of pvc pipe and a plywood end cap this last semester. the result was a little clearer more detailed mids, but the cost was substantially higher than 7.25 per mid. To keep the sound closer to the original I would probably just go with the Goldwood sealed backs, because the original Scott's were not that midrange heavy anyways. The Goldwood equipped sound has grown on me here during my break the just sound more like what I have always heard and grown to love and your only out 14 bux if you don't like the sound. The speakers here at the house just sit on the floor and do have more bass, which I just turned down on the amp to compensate, but the ones at school, so I don't get written up all the time for, I made some stands out of plywood and a 2 foot section of pvc filled with sand. I did cut the pvc so that the angle would point them up and extra 15 degrees, and I also put some of these feet on the bottom of the stands.
    The end result was a more equal sound that was easyer to control the bass on. Hope that helps you out in some way! Best of luck with your project, Nick
  7. Gregory

    Gregory Radical Lab Animal

    Thanks for all that. I'd want to request a response chart vs frequency before ordering, to check for any steps or suck-outs in the output vs frequency.

    What about Pyle midranges? Are they still available?

    Was hoping to get additional replies with midrange driver sources. :thmbsp:

  8. Gregory

    Gregory Radical Lab Animal

    Have wanted to re-arrange the drivers into a vertical array for some time, years really! Will be making the cabinets myself but may not get to that effort for a while. Will be looking at the design in more detail now.

    Here's a lineup with the NEW concept on the left, next to other Scotts for comparison:


    May need to raise that woofer off the floor? by making the cabinet taller? else put them on pedistals. Will have a photo of that pedistal mounting arrangement soon.. hopefully. :)

    One of the main points (beside the VERT geometry) is a VERY dense and rigid cabinet!!


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