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  1. libertycaps

    libertycaps Analogue "AAA" vinyl.

    Found it awhile ago while browsing, but now i can't locate it again! :tears:
    Any help out there, good people? It was quite long and quite a Deadwax script resource worth printing and filing by the record collection!!!!
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    Loves Park, IL
    Ooohh That sounds cool never ran across it, I would love to have it myself.
  3. cactuscowboy

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    Powell, Wyoming
    Dunno if this is what you're looking for, but here goes:

    Deadwax mastering info

    G.S.V.) -> Greg Vaughn
    (spiral sign) @ D+M -> Robert Henke ( Dubplates-mastering, Berlin )
    *-J.T.S.-* -> JTS Studio, London
    @cul -> Moritz von Oswald
    @t GP -> George Piros
    “Soundmaster” Lionel @ Translab, Paris -> Lionel Nicod
    7AP -> Augustus Pablo
    A 1ST FOR KEV – TOWNHOUSE -> Kevin Metcalfe ( Townhouse Studios, London )
    A Porky ‘Oh yes’ Prime cut -> George Peckham
    A Porky Prime Cut -> George Peckham
    A PORKY PRIME CUT -> George Peckham
    A Porky Prime Er-Er-Er Goldfish I Think -> George Peckham
    A Porky Prime sniff sniff cut -> George Peckham
    A PORKY PRIME TANGO -> George Peckham
    Allen Zentz -> Allen Zentz
    AM -> Andy Mellwig ( The “A” looks like triangle; Dubplates-mastering, Berlin )
    an “A with M” sign -> Andy Mellwig ( Dubplates-mastering, Berlin )
    andreas at schnittstelle -> Andreas Kauffelt
    andreas@schnittstelle -> Andreas Kauffelt
    ARUN -> Arun Chakraverty
    AT-GP -> George Piros
    Audiodisc YYMMDD -> Pressed at Audiodisc AB
    Az -> Allen Zentz ( note the lower case Z )
    AZ -> Allen Zentz Mastering Company
    AZ (with birds/flower) -> Brian Gardner ( Allen Zentz Mastering Company )
    AZ CB -> Chris Bellman ( Allen Zentz Mastering Company )
    B.E C.R -> Björn Engelmann ( Cutting Room, Stockholm )
    B.E-C.R -> Björn Engelmann ( Cutting Room, Stockholm )
    B.G. -> Bernie Grundman
    BA -> Björn Almstedt
    BA•CR -> Björn Almstedt ( Cutting Room, Stockholm )
    BA-CR -> Björn Almstedt ( Cutting Room, Stockholm )
    BA-EF -> Björn Almstedt
    BA-GP -> Björn Almstedt
    BA-T∞ -> Björn Almstedt
    Beau -> Beau Thomas
    BEAU -> Beau Thomas
    beau -> Beau Thomas
    Bell Sound -> Bell Sound Studios
    Bell Sound sf -> Sam Feldman ( Bell Sound Studios )
    BH -> Bobby Hata
    BilBo -> Denis Blackham ( which looks like BiBo )
    Bilbo master room -> Denis Blackham
    BK -> Bill Kipper
    BKG -> Brian Gardner
    C.R -> Cutting Room, Stockholm
    C.T.S. Wembley -> C.T.S. Studios, Wembley.
    CGB -> Christoph Grote-Beverborg
    CGB / D+M -> Christoph Grote-Beverborg ( Dubplates-mastering, Berlin )
    CGB @ D&M -> Christoph Grote-Beverborg ( Dubplates-mastering, Berlin )
    CGB@D&M -> Christoph Grote-Beverborg ( Dubplates-mastering, Berlin )
    CHRIS P @ UNITY -> Chris Parmenidis
    COPYMASTERS – Miles -> Miles Showell
    CR -> Cutting Room, Stockholm
    CSB ♪♪ -> Carlton Batts ( followed by two musical notes )
    CURVE PUSHER. -> Curve Pusher Mastering, London
    D Jay @ Masterpiece -> Danny King ( Masterpiece Mastering, London )
    D&m -> Dubplates-mastering, Berlin
    D. SWABY -> Dudley Swaby
    D.A.S. Disc Mastering -> Digital Audio Solutions
    D+M -> Moritz Von Oswald ( (note; M has a hook on the end); Dubplates-mastering, Berlin )
    DAMONT -> Pressed at Damont Audio Limited
    DAS Disc Mastering -> Digital Audio Solutions
    DB -> Denis Blackham
    DCHARLES -> Dick Charles ( Handwritten signature )
    DFI -> Pressed at DFI
    Djay@ Masterpiece -> Danny King ( Masterpiece Mastering, London )
    DK -> Dennis King
    DMM -> Direct Metal Mastering
    DMS C -> The Hit Factory, DMS, NYC
    DMS cg -> Chris Gehringer ( The Hit Factory, DMS, NYC )
    DMS cg [peace sign] -> Chris Gehringer
    DMS Coin -> The Hit Factory, DMS, NYC
    Doug -> Doug Sax
    DUDLEY SWABY -> Dudley "Manzie" Swaby
    EURODISC -> Eurodisk Manufacturing
    EUROPADISK -> Pressed at Europadisk, NYC.
    EXCHANGE 2000 – SIMON. -> Simon Davey
    F.A. -> Frank Arkwright
    F.A. Metropolis -> Frank Arkwright ( Metropolis Studios, London )
    F/W -> Frankford Wayne Mastering Labs, NYC.
    F/W J -> Frankford Wayne Mastering Labs, NYC.
    Finnvox MJ -> Mika Jussila
    FOON MASTERING -> Foon Mastering Center
    Frankford/Wayne -> Frankford Wayne Mastering Labs, NYC.
    Frankford/Wayne Mastering by Michael -> Michael Sarsfield ( Frankford Wayne Mastering Labs, NYC. )
    FST @ D+M -> Frederic Stader ( Dubplates-mastering, Berlin )
    FST D+M -> Frederic Stader ( Dubplates-mastering, Berlin )
    FST>D+M -> Frederic Stader ( Dubplates-mastering, Berlin )
    FTS -> Federal Recording Studios, Kingston / Total Sounds
    G.K. -> Gilbert Kong
    GC -> Greg Calbi ( Sterling )
    Gene -> Gene Thompson
    GEORGE – COPYMASTERS -> George Peckham
    GK -> Gilbert Kong
    Gordon at the Townhouse -> Gordon Vickary
    GP -> Grammoplast, Sweden
    Graeme -> Graeme Durham
    GRAEME – SOUND CLINIC -> Graeme Durham
    GRAZ – The Exchange -> Graeme Durham
    Graz@The Exchange -> Graeme Durham
    greyham the exchange -> Graeme Durham
    GSV -> Greg Vaughn ( or “G5V“ )
    GUY’S – THE EXCHANGE -> Guy Davie
    HEM cg -> Chris Gehringer
    Herb :^) -> Herb Powers Jr.
    Herbie :^) -> Herb Powers Jr.
    Herbie Jr :^) -> Herb Powers Jr.
    Herve @ Translab -> Hervé Bordes
    HFM ´[number] -> The Hit Factory, DMS, NYC
    HFM cg -> Chris Gehringer ( The Hit Factory, DMS, NYC )
    HP -> Herb Powers Jr.
    HTM -> Harry Moss
    HuB -> Frankford Wayne Mastering Labs, NYC. ( ? )
    HW -> Howie Weinberg
    J.Y. -> Joe Yannece
    JA Tape One -> Jack Adams
    Jacko – Tape One -> Jack Adams
    JC Masterroom -> Jeremy Cooper
    JD -> John Dent
    JD-ASH -> John Dent and Ashley Burchett ( ? )
    John D -> John Davis
    JON2 -> John Dent
    Jonz -> John Dent
    Jonz @ Loud Mastering -> John Dent ( Loud Mastering )
    K -> Andreas Kauffelt
    K.P. -> Ken Perry
    KDISC -> K Disc Mastering
    Kendun -> Kent Duncan
    LAWRIE @ CURVE PUSHER -> Lawrie Immersion
    LB -> Larry Boden
    LH -> Lee Hulko
    Lionel & Hervé @ Translab -> Lionel Nicod & Hervé Bordes
    Loop-0 at D&M -> Loop-o ( Dubplates-mastering, Berlin )
    Lupo -> Loop-o
    M.M.M.J.R. -> Mark Richardson (3) ( Metropolis Mastering, Chicago )
    MANDY @ THE EXCHANGE -> Mandy Parnell
    MARTIN @ C.T.S. -> Martin Giles
    MASTERDED BY CAPITOL -> Capitol Studio & Mastering , Hollywood
    MASTERDISK -> Masterdisk, NYC
    MASTERDISK G.K. -> Gilbert Kong
    MASTERDISK TD -> Tony Dawsey ( Masterdisk, NYC )
    Mastered at Abbey Rd -> Abbey Road Studios, London
    mastered at 'Abbey Road' -> Abbey Road Studios, London
    MASTERED AT ALLEN ZENTZ L.A., CALIF. -> Allen Zentz Mastering Company
    MASTERED BY CAPITOL Wally -> Wally Traugott ( Capitol Studio & Mastering , Hollywood )
    Mastered by NIMBUS, England -> Nimbus
    Mastered MIAMI TAPE -> Miami Tape, Hialeah ( (“MIAMI TAPE” is stamped) )
    MATT OPTIMUM -> Matt Colton
    MCR -> Master Cutting Room, NYC.
    Metropolis Mastering Chicago M.J.R. -> Mark Richardson (3)
    MIKE @ THE EXCHANGE -> Mike Marsh
    Mike @ The Exchange -> Mike Marsh
    Mike’s™ -> Mike Marsh
    MILES -> Miles Showell
    MJFX -> Mika Jussila
    MMMJR -> Mark Richardson (3) ( Metropolis Mastering, Chicago )
    MPO -> Moulages et Plastiques de l’Ouest, Averton.
    MR -> Mark Regan
    Neil – Masterpiece -> Neil Devine
    Neil Masterpiece -> Neil Devine
    Nick -> Nick Webb Abbey Road Studios, London )[/i]
    Nick's cut! -> Nick Webb Abbey Road Studios, London )[/i]
    NILZ – THE EXCHANGE -> Nilesh Patel
    NIX MIX TOWNHOUSE -> Larry Nix
    Noel @ Transfermation -> Noel Summerville
    NOMIS -> Simon Davey ( “Simon” backwards )
    NSC -> National Sound Corporation, Detroit ( used to be solely Ron Murphy (except some very early stuff), now also Heath Brunner )
    Ø(Phase) -> Ashley Burchett
    Ø(Phase) @ Whitfield London -> Ashley Burchett
    ø@CURVE PUSHER -> Ashley Burchett
    Ø[Phase] -> Ashley Burchett
    Øphase -> Ashley Burchett
    øPHASE -> Ashley Burchett
    øPHASE @ WHITFIELD ST -> Ashley Burchett
    Øphase@ Curve Pusher -> Ashley Burchett ( Curve Pusher Mastering, London )
    ORLAKE -> Orlake Records, Dagenham
    P.A. -> Phil Austin ( Trutone )
    P.O.R.K.Y. -> George Peckham
    PAUL S @ PORKY’S -> Paul Solomons
    Paul S @ Porky’s -> Paul Solomons
    PAUL’S @ PORKYS -> Paul Solomons
    Paul’s @ Porkys -> Paul Solomons
    PAUL’S THE EXCHANGE -> Paul Solomons
    Pauls’ The Exchange -> Paul Solomons
    PCMJR -> Mark Richardson (3) ( Prairie Cat Mastering, Belvidere )
    PD -> Peter Dahl
    PD-CR -> Peter Dahl ( Cutting Room, Stockholm )
    PECKO -> George Peckham
    PECKO DUCK -> George Peckham
    Pete @ Tape To Tape -> Pete Norman
    PIPO NYC -> Alberto Roges
    POLAR -> Polar Mastering, Stockholm (defunct, now Masters of Audio, Stockholm)
    Pole -> Pole
    POM TR -> Pompon Finkelstein ( Translab, Paris )
    porkeys prime cut -> George Peckham
    Porky -> George Peckham
    Porky Prime Cut -> George Peckham
    Porky Primed -> George Peckham
    Porkys -> George Peckham
    Primed -> George Peckham
    R @ D&M -> Rashad Becker ( Squiggly lower case ‘r’; Dubplates & Mastering ,Berlin )
    Rashad -> Rashad Becker
    Ray at The Exchange -> Ray Staff
    RCE -> Rick Essig ( F/W )
    RJ -> Ray Janos ( Sterling )
    RL -> Bob Ludwig
    RV -> Hervé Bordes
    S.D -> Simon Davey
    S.M. M.J.R. -> Mark Richardson (3) ( Session Masters, Carol Stream )
    SD -> Simon Davey
    Sean Abbey rd i...i -> Sean Magee ( Abbey Road Studios, London )
    sf -> Sam Feldman
    SH -> Steve Hall
    SHANE -> Shane McEnhill
    Shane – the cutteR -> Shane McEnhill ( Graffiti Style; The “h” looks more like a “t” )
    Shane @ Heathman’s -> Shane McEnhill ( Graffiti Style; The “h” looks more like a “t” )
    SI MASTERPIECE -> Simon Francis
    SI Masterpiece -> Simon Francis
    SIMON – THE EXCHANGE -> Simon Davey
    SIMON „NEW SHOOS“ DAVEY -> Simon Davey
    SIMON „NIGHT NURSE“ DAVEY -> Simon Davey
    simon the exchange -> Simon Davey
    SIMON. -> Simon Davey
    SNB -> Sabin Brunet
    Sound Clinic -> The Sound Clinic, London
    Sound Clinic, Graeme -> Graeme Durham ( The Sound Clinic, London )
    Sound Clinic/Jonz -> John Dent ( The Sound Clinic, London )
    SR -> Stan Ricker
    SR/2 -> Stan Ricker
    SR2 -> Stan Ricker
    SRC signature -> Specialty Records Corporation ( (Stamped, Large S with the R and C in the loops) )
    SST -> Schallplatten Schneid Technik, Frankfurt
    STERLING -> Sterling Sound, NYC
    STRAWBERRY U.K. -> Strawberry Mastering, London
    Stu -> Stuart Hawkes
    Stu. @ Masterpiece -> Stuart Hawkes
    Tape One JA -> Jack Adams
    TC -> Tom Coyne
    THE EXCHANGE -> The Exchange, London
    The Exchange – GD -> Guy Davie
    THE EXCHANGE – NILZ -> Nilesh Patel
    Tim D. -> Tim Dennen
    Tim D. Masterpiece -> Tim Dennen
    tim dixon masterpiece -> Tony Dixon
    TIMTOM -> Tim Young
    Timtom -> Tim Young
    TJ -> Ted Jensen ( Sterling )
    TLC -> The Lacquer Channel Mastering, Toronto
    TML -> The Mastering Lab , Hollowood
    TML-M -> The Mastering Lab , Hollowood ( M=Master )
    TML-S -> The Mastering Lab , Hollowood ( S=Slave )
    TML-X -> The Mastering Lab , Hollowood ( X=Extra )
    TOWN HOUSE -> Town House Studios, London
    TOWNHOUSE -> Town House Studios, London
    Townhouse -> Town House Studios, London
    Townhouse Max -> Max Dingel
    tph@schnittstelle -> Thomas P. Heckmann
    TR -> Translab Mastering, Paris
    Transfermation -> Transfermation Mastering, London
    TRANSITION -> Transition Mastering Studios, London
    Transition -> Transition Mastering Studios, London
    Truetone Mastering NYC Carl -> Carl Rowatti ( “Truetone” or “Trutone”? )
    Trutone -> Trutone Inc, NYC
    Trutone NY – PA -> Phil Austin
    Trutone NYC Carl -> Carl Rowatti
    ty -> Tim Young
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  4. cactuscowboy

    cactuscowboy Super Member

    Powell, Wyoming
    Here's another:

    Before 1955 RCA used the first 2 characters of the 4-character master no. prefix of both company issues and custom pressings* to encode the year -- this is either the year of the actual recording, or the year the master disk was cut. The first character is a letter to indicate the decade (since 1900): C = 1930; D = 1940; E = 1950. The second character, a numeral, indicates the year within the decade. For example:
    D8 = 1948
    D9 = 1949
    E0 = 1950
    E1 = 1951
    E2 = 1952
    E3 = 1953
    E4 = 1954

    If the code indicates a date before 1949, we can be reasonably sure it refers to the original recording date.

    Beginning in 1955 only the first character of the prefix was reserved for the year. Some letters were skipped, likely to avoid ambiguity. The numbering system was abandoned in 1974.
    F = 1955
    G = 1956
    H = 1957
    J = 1958
    K = 1959
    L = 1960
    M = 1961
    N = 1962
    P = 1963
    R = 1964
    S = 1965
    T = 1966
    U = 1967
    W = 1968
    X = 1969
    Z = 1970
    A = 1971
    B = 1972
    C = 1973
    D = 1974

    For further details of the master no. prefix see under the heading, RCA Victor Number-Letter Codes (19501974) toward the bottom of this page:

    N.B. Many early RCA Victor records from 1949-early '50s do not observe this numbering system, for example RCA Victor 48-0001, "Texarkana Baby"/"Bouquet Of Roses" by Eddy Arnold. This record's sides are numbered 48-0001-A and 48-0001-B, and do not offer a hint to the date.
  5. libertycaps

    libertycaps Analogue "AAA" vinyl.

  6. 4dryhme

    4dryhme Super Member

    Ottawa, On .ca
    Thanks cactuscowboy, I'd already stuck this on my desktop and will add your dating code post to it. For completeness' sake your repost cuts off at 'ty' here's the rest of your original:

    TY1 -> Tim Young
    Utopia -> Utopia Studios ( With vertical bar(s) in the “U” / Harp )
    Village Mastering NYC CR -> Carl Rowatti
    Wally -> Wally Traugott
    Wally C. @ Masterpiece -> Walter Coelho
    Wally C. @ Masterpiece Mastering -> Walter Coelho
    Wly -> Wally Traugott
    WMME Alsdorf -> Warner Music Manufacturing Europe, Alsdorf
    Yann Dub @ DK -> Yann Dub"

    Thanks again.
  7. beatcomber

    beatcomber AK Member

    Lexington, Massachusetts
    Wow, that's some impressive research! But you overlooked a major one:

    RVG -> Rudy Van Gelder
    VANGELDER -> Rudy Van Gelder
  8. markshan

    markshan Sir Thrift a Lot Subscriber

    Pittsburgh, PA
    It seems "SH" can be either Steve Hall or Scott Hull, depending on where the record was pressed.
  9. 4dryhme

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    Ottawa, On .ca
    Cool, added them in; thanks.
  10. cwall99

    cwall99 Addicted Member

    Clearly an impressive body of research, and one, I'm sure, that, if used wisely, can offer some means to optimizing playback (or something), but I guess that's my question:

    How can I use this information?

    I hate to sound ignorant, but, frankly, I am.

  11. KeninDC

    KeninDC Speedfreak Jive Subscriber

    If you have an LP that sounds particularly good, take a look at the deadwax.

    For example, if you see an "AT/GP" in the deadwax, that means Atlantic/George Piros. A plain "GP" also signifies George Piros. His pressings of Yes albums are fantastic, as is his Led Zep "Houses of the Holy" which is equal to an "RL" for "Robert Ludwig."

    In other words, grabbing a "GP" from the used bin for $3.00 is a steal when you know your deadwax. A Led Zep II w/ "RL" in the deadwax is the Led Zep Holy Grail. NM LPs fetch over $200.

    To paraphrase the Clash, "Know Your Wax."

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  12. Jay Pemberton

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    Mountain Home, Arkansas USA
    On records mastered at Fine Recording, a P in the dead wax (ex: on 1950s/1960s stereo Mercury Living Presence or Command LPs, you'll see 'P 13' or 'P 17' or such like, the number referring IIRC to which lathe was used [correct me if the number meant which cutting head instead]) indicates George Piros did the cutting; if you see 'JJ' (often on later mono Mercury Living Presence and Command albums and some of the Command stereos as well) John Johnson did the cutting.

    Initials DM looking like ∆M on Frankford-Wayne masterings: David Moyssiadis.
  13. cwall99

    cwall99 Addicted Member

    Ahhhh... so this is particularly useful if I'm perusing the used bin and can actually look at the dead wax!!! That's what I was missing. Unless you know someone who has an LP and you can observe that content on their record, you may not necessarily know who you're getting when buying a new recording (though, I suspect in this day and age, that information may be available on the internet).

    It's all coming together for me now.

    This is your wax!!! (to continue the homage...)
  14. Jay Pemberton

    Jay Pemberton Active Member

    Mountain Home, Arkansas USA
    The RCA Victor letter-number-letter-letter-XXXX system was instituted originally in 1942. Those retro renumberings hinted at above (e.g. A for 1910s, B for 1920s, C for 1930s) were only rarely used, for later (generally microgroove era) reissues of earlier material that most likely never went out of print.

    Victor's previous matrix numbering system was instituted on 24th April 1903, when they began use of what they called the 'Victor Master Disc' (we know it as the five-step pressing process: wax original produces metal negative which yields several mother parts, each of which can make numerous stampers which can press many records). Previously, the basic matrix number and a record's catalogue number were one and the same, and the one metal part derived from a wax original cut was actually used as the stamper until it broke or wore out, at which time an artiste was called back to the studio to re-record the piece to make another metal part!

    In the acoustic period, the matrix numbers had a prefix and a suffix. The prefix was a letter that indicated the size of the record: A for 7", B for 10", C for 12", D for the very short-lived 60 rpm 14" disc (1903/1904), E for the 8" record (1906--c. 1909) they thought would replace the 7" disc. But by then the 10" record was most popular and the shorter records were flops even at the 35 cent selling price. M for 16" discs was later added with the development of talkies and later electrical transcriptions.

    Some recordings made in California in the 1920s added P to the prefix, so would be PB or PC, etc.

    The suffix was the take digit. So a matrix number would be something like C 4317-1. (That's 'Vesti la giubba' by Enrico Caruso, recorded 17 March 1907, originally released on Victor Red Seal 88061.)

    With the coming of electric recording the prefix added the letters VE: BVE 47539-3 ('I wanna be loved by you' by Helen Kane, recorded 20 September 1928, originally released on Victor 21684). Records made with Western Electric equipment show the letters VE inside an oval in the dead wax.*

    Starting in 1931, introduction of RCA or RCA-modified equipment gave rise to other prefixes such as S or SHQ (BS 80149-1, 'Solitude', Duke Ellington, originally on Victor 24755, recorded 10 January 1934). The VE symbol is inside a diamond shape; use of the symbol disappeared after late 1938.* Around 1933 S seems to have become the standard.

    (Note that in August 1936, with the numbers approaching 103000, Victor began numbering anew from 01. This reached 075904 with the onset of the infamous recording ban of 1942, at which time this numbering system was discontinued.)

    *The VE symbols will only be seen on Victor products (never on Bluebirds) if they were pressed from original metal matrices or dubs thereof made before late 1938.
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  15. beatcomber

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    Lexington, Massachusetts
    It's also worth noting that many of the 1940s 78RPM reissues of 1920s jazz were pressed from the exact same metal parts as the 1920s originals! These can easily be identified by the lack of lead-in groove. I have some 1940s Bix Beiderbecke reissue 78s pressed using 1920s stampers that sound incredibly good - and can still be had CHEAP! Many of these '40s repressings were packaged in actual multi-pocket books or 'albums.'
  16. cactuscowboy

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    Powell, Wyoming
    I can't take credit for that mastering info list.

    IIRC, it was posted on a thread in the RCG forums a few years ago and was unattributed. I merely cut & pasted it to a Word file which I saved on my computer.
  17. libertycaps

    libertycaps Analogue "AAA" vinyl.

    Great post! Anything else noteworthy we should be looking for in the DEADWAX?
  18. KeninDC

    KeninDC Speedfreak Jive Subscriber

    The Artisan symbol (looks like an elliptical LP) usually signifies a great pressing. For example, the best pressings of the Stones' "Exile on Main Street" have this symbol.

    Goofy phrases like "Do what thou wilt" (Crowley quote) on a Led Zep III LP means it is likely an original pressing. In theory, earlier pressings are better.

    You also need to know your labels (addresses, pressing plants, etc.).

  19. markshan

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    This should get stickied. I keep coming back to it.
  20. Spellbinder

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    Highland, IN - U.S.A.
    Perhaps a thread re-title and a sticky in in order.

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