Request cartridge recommendation for JVC JL-F50

Discussion in 'Turntables' started by Doge, Jan 17, 2010.

  1. Doge

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    Hello all. Just joined the group after "lurking" for a couple of hours last night after finding the site. Lot's of very useful info and opinions here, and seems like a great community. I'm in the process of resuming use of my equipment after a number of years, and hope that the group can help.

    What are some suggestions for a good replacement cartridge for the JVC JL-F50 turntable? The original cartridge is the ADC RK50E. I'm using it with a Pioneer SX980 receiver.

    Also, what vinyl cleaning products would you recommend. My collection (unused for quite some time) will need to be given a thorough going-over. Would it be best to use different products for the "initial cleaning" vs "routine cleaning"?

    Thanks very much for your help, and I look forward to participating in the discussions.
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  3. Doge

    Doge New Member

    Thanks for replying. I'd like to keep the price under $200.
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  5. Doge

    Doge New Member

    Thanks a lot for your input. I'll check out the cartridge and let you know.
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  9. thedelihaus

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    Denon DL-160, Audio Technica AT-440MLA, Grado Gold are three of my preferred budget high quality carts.

    The Shure M97xe is a lower priced contender.

    There are plenty of classic and great vintage carts that new quality stylii are available for, such as the Shure v15, ADC XLM, Ortofon Super OM, Stanton 681 and 881, various Signet, Naokoga and other classics.

    As for cleaning, there are homebrew formulas that won't put an ache in your budget. Ultimately, owning a RCM is in my opinion, leaps above hand cleaning.

    Careful use of a steamer works well, and they cost low cash outlay.

    Welcome aboard!
  10. hakaplan

    hakaplan Needs professional help

    Is this tonearm straight or curved?
  11. Doge

    Doge New Member

    The tonearm is curved.

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