rotel ra 1312 + rt1025

Discussion in 'Solid State' started by LARRY PRIESTMAN, Aug 5, 2003.


    LARRY PRIESTMAN Well-Known Member

    these are my rotels
    just thought that mabe these need a mention as not much about rotel on the forum at the moment.
    So what do ya recon on these........
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  2. EchoWars

    EchoWars Working a Deal in Denmark Subscriber

    Polish them ugly fingerprints out!!

    ...besides that, those are beautiful units. Very nice...:eek:

    LARRY PRIESTMAN Well-Known Member


    I have these are the ebay photos and they sound as good as they look. And they are now in there own 70s hi/fi class and teak case. THE TUNER IS SUPERB.
    I'm still waiting for my camara bits to get here its the kodak dx 3500 I need the cables and a battery.
  4. rhinofly

    rhinofly Toadfather

    I almost bought one of those tuners. They are supposed to be very good indeed. Does it have the Dolby FM circuitry?

    LARRY PRIESTMAN Well-Known Member


    Not the 1024 that has but I'm looking for one
    but as dolby is long gone this tuner and I sh!t you knot when I say this but this thing will pick up most stations with only a piece
    of wire as did the kenwood until it decided to saulk on me and die
    on one channel. (I'VE GOT THE HUMP WITH THAT)
    The stereo sep on the rotel is just unbelivable
    It aways makes me sit up and listen anytime of the day
    but it is my night time tuner cos as we all know thats the best time
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  6. rhinofly

    rhinofly Toadfather

    Ah ok...thats what I was wondering. The 1025 is the same as the 1024 but without the dolby stuff. I almost bought a 1024 as it had the Dolby FM.

    LARRY PRIESTMAN Well-Known Member

    If you see one a 1024/1025 and its the right price grap it
    you will not be dissapointed belive me
  8. rhinofly

    rhinofly Toadfather

    The guy wanted $325 which I thought was too much.

    LARRY PRIESTMAN Well-Known Member

  10. Shain

    Shain Super Member

    The Rotel 1024 tuner is definately a good one.

    It's the one other tuner that's on my "to get" list.

    Haven't been looking very hard but will get one eventually.

    The amp is also one of the nicer Rotels.

    I sold my 2000 series amp and pre amp,.... but reallly like the 70's Rotel gear.

    LARRY PRIESTMAN Well-Known Member

    ME personlyI think that for the money these things go for there a
    steal I can't remember what I paid but it wasn't a great deal and they came together something like 2/300 quid for the two and with no problems worked and still work superp
    Its bye far the best tuner I have to date
    And the amp is super clean and musical
    And also this 70s gear we get today back then for the kind of money they sold for you could have bought your house
    I remember when I was about 12 or 13 (i'm 46 now) my mum and were offerd
    there three bed terris for £850.
    I have to say though the house was a better bargain..
    as today that house sells all day for at least £159,000.
    And that is a fact.
    And that is how I look at it today this stuff was the gream de la gream in those days......
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