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Rotel RDD-1580 vs. Rega DAC-R vs. Audiolab M-DAC

Discussion in 'DACs' started by N.Cotman, Sep 23, 2017.

  1. N.Cotman

    N.Cotman New Member

    Hi everyone,

    If there is already a thread that might help me with this please let me know.

    I am considering purchasing one of these three DACs, but its looking like home auditions will not be possible. I've heard the RDD-1580 (not in my system) and it sounded great. I've read that the DAC-R is simply amazing and quite warm sounding, whereas the M-DAC is overly analytical.

    I am wondering if anybody who has experience with any or all three of these DACs could shed some light on which they prefer and why?



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  2. MarcoLeo

    MarcoLeo New Member

    Hi Nick.
    I am considering too a Rotel rdd 1580 and a rega dac.
    I search a warm / analog sound, without the cold edges of digital sound.
    Have you heard these devices?

    I own a rotel cd 14 + naim 5i + martin logan esl and it sounds too much digital!
    I was surprised that rotel makes colds cd player, 'cause in the past rotel was known for warm sound. But a dealer said the rdd 1580 is different and has a warm sound like old rotels.
    So I would like to compare it with rega, but it'is not easy now.

    I'll be gratefull to you for every info.
  3. Danddd

    Danddd AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Wheaton, IL
    I'm auditioning a Rega Dac-R now. I preferred it over a NAD M51 DAC. I'm finding the Rega nice, I use filter 3, but at times a little grating. I am also going to audition the new Beresford Caiman SEG DAC. It will be interesting as the Beresford is cheap at $260.00 delivered, but has a big following in the UK. I am really curious how it compares.

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