Rotel RP-855

Discussion in 'Turntables' started by Wornears, Jun 2, 2004.

  1. Wornears

    Wornears Age & Treachery

    North Carolina
    Picked up one of these basic tt by Rotel. 1990 model. Any observations/comments/reviews/experiences/set-up advice appreciated.

  2. Cicero

    Cicero New Member

    I have one of these. Picked it up in a thrift store for £15. Replaced the original blue AT cart with a glorious Shure VM15xMR through a Rotel phono stage (RX960BX I think) to a Pioneer A400 amp and I am delighted with it. I can definitely confirm that this combination works very well together. I have recently bought a used LP12 with an SME M2 arm and am going to swap the Shure cart to that table and put a Dynavector 10x5 on the Rotel to keep as my second table. With the Shure it is an amazingly good table for the price. Bass is a bit slight but that is to be expected at this price. Detail is very good. I think the DC motor is great. I am tempted to replace the tonearm with a Rega arm to see if it gets any better but am a little afraid I might spoil the magic - also the plinth is a bit shallow so I am not sure the Rega would fit. Anyway, I think this is a fabulous table that competes with others at much higher prices. Like you, I wish I knew more about it - such as who made that tonearm and whether anyone has tried a Rega arm on it. The manual is a bit light on information.
  3. Wornears

    Wornears Age & Treachery

    North Carolina
    Cicero: Your first post! Welcome! That is a great price for an RP-855, but it would be quite a stretch to compare it to a LP12. The stock Rotel tonearm sure looks like a Rega knock-off. Here's some info off a Google Groups search ad posted in 2001:

    "Reliable and good-sounding belt-drive turntable, arm, and cartridge
    package. Everything works. Damped cueing, speed adjustment, 33 and 45
    speeds, hinged dust cover. Well cared for (I am the original owner).
    New stylus last year. Original box and manual. A Hi-Fi Choice "Best
    Buy"; The Inner Ear Report found this unit "good enough to use in an
    up-scale audio system . . . a good investment and a valid alternative
    for those folks who do not wish to invest the proverbial fortune to
    listen to music." Buyer pays shipping. Price: $250.00

  4. RichPA

    RichPA Don't drive angry Super Mod Subscriber

    I've owned and used one since I bought it new in 1991, and it is still going strong. I use an Audio Technica 440ML cartridge, which was around $100, and it is a very nice-sounding combination. Nothing special or fussy about setup or use, in my experience. It does benefit from a record clamp (I use a SOTA I-Clamp, but would not pay the $80 these go for new these days).

    Good basic turntable. Enjoy :)
  5. cableguy

    cableguy In Twang We Trust

    Jakarta Indonesia
    I just bought one of these tables...what Rich said, very nice basic table that I picked up for very little investment.....It came with an Ortofon OM 30 cart and stylus, was a snap to set up and sounds really quite good....I'm happy with it.
  6. melofelo

    melofelo Addicted Member

    london, uk
    i had one too...and its a capable sounding table...had it paired with an at110e which suited the arm very well...great sound all round and an especially decent bass...quite dynamic sounding too..
    sold around the £200 mark back in the late 80's and was a rival of the p3 and heybrook eb101 in terms of sound...
    the arm bearings are delicate on the rotel arm though...mine developed play in the bearings..although it was fairly slight and the effect didn't seem too detrimental to the sound..

    might have an old review lurking around somewhere..i'll have a dig soon..

    i think swapping the arm might involved a bit of surgery so i'd think twice if the bearings are in good order...i think i remember someone on this forum having done it though and reported great results...can't remember who though..
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  7. treserious

    treserious Post Punk Junkie

    Montreal Canada
    I have an RP-850 which I am quite fond of.

    These are great not fussy tables, easy to setup, and sound pretty good.
  8. vinylforever

    vinylforever New Member

    I own one since 1991. It is fitted with an Ortofon Salsa MC cartridge (around 300$) and it sounds great. Recently, following willboy instructions, I replaced belt and main bearing was cleaned and lubricated. It feeds with music a ten thousands dollar system and it beats comfortably any CD or SACD source I have tried. Analog magic! willboy has replaced stock arm with a RB300 and he is very satisfied.

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