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Rothwell In-Line Attenuators

Discussion in 'Equipment Reviews & Opinions' started by draconus, Feb 28, 2009.

  1. draconus

    draconus Mal from Oz

    Perth, Western Australia
    I have (sorry, had) a bit of a gain issue (too much) on my valve preamp. All the volume was in the first 1/4 turn. In addition I had a tranny hum - which I couldnt get rid of. Was audible about 2 foot from speakers.

    Anyway, was browsing through a hifi mag the other day and stumbled across an ad for Rothwell In-line attenuators. The text of the ad seem to paraphrase my symptoms almost verbatim. I hadn't heard of these things before and there are probably gizmos out there that do the same thing - I didn't look.

    Having spent a few $K recently on a lot of new kit, I thought the 39 pounds asking price wasn't a lot to pay if they did what they claimed.

    So I ordered them last Sunday arvo from the UK, they arrived on my desk in Australia before lunch yesterday. Plugged them in this morning.

    Best 39 pounds I have spent. Tranny hum is all but gone. I have to stick my ear next to the cabinet to hear anything. And the volume control now works like it should.

    I don't know what's inside them or how they work - don't care. They just work.

    I'm a little sceptical when I read such claims in print I must confess, but when I find a product that does exactly what it claims, I think it deserves a plug. http://www.rothwellaudioproducts.co.uk/html/attenuators.html. As always YMMV.

    BTW the 39 pounds included shipping via airmail (or space shuttle or what ever they used to get them here so quickly).
  2. pfcs49

    pfcs49 Phil Subscriber

    N/W NJ, USA
    goldenjacks attenuaters very good as well

    I've had very acceptable results using Goldenjacks (www.goldenjacks.com).
    In addition to being considerably cheaper, they are available in-6, -10, and -14db, they are available in two "directionalites", i.e: signal entering female side, or entering male end, and they have threaded barrels that tighten the gold plated male end positively to its partner.

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