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Discussion in 'Speakers' started by bookasan, Nov 6, 2003.

  1. bookasan

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    Burbank, CA
    I saw a pair of RSL Speakers for sale in the thrift.
    They are very heavy and huge 3 ways with a small grill on top (soft dome peerles type tweeter and a midrange) and a sepearte grill on the bottom with a 12" white cone woofer and a bass port). I could not find a model on them, but they were manufactured in Van Nuys, CA.
    I have seen 2 sets so far of "RSL" speakers here and am not familiar with them.
    The logos almost look like a rip off of the early JBL logos.
    I have read some threads that mention "Rogers Sound Labs" or "Rogers".
    Is this the same company and do these speakers sound familiar?
    Are they worth buying?
    Hurry, help please before they are gone!
  2. Punker X

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    Panic in Detroit
    I'm sure Grumpy will chime in here. I've heard his pair. His are large 3 ways with rear passive. From what I've seen and heard they are a top quality speaker and are a complete knock off of JBL's, in fact I believe there was legal action by JBL against RSL.

    If your looking for a good pair of speakers for your self, I'd snatch them up quickly. If you are looking to resell them, I'd thing twice, they are not well known and don't bring the prices of JBL's.

  3. botrytis

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    There are two companies, that I know of, that use the Rogers moniker - RSL and Rogers Loudspeakers from England. Two different animals, it sounds like. The Rogers, from England, produced monitor speakers based on the BBC nearfield monitors and are really nice sounding speakers (I have a pair of Rogers LS2's). I know absoluteley noting about the latter.

  4. Grumpy

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    Rogers from England are not related to Rogers Sound Labs ( RSL )
    Its hard to find much info on RSL other then they went Belly up over 10-12 years ago. Supposedly they got their start by copying the JBL 4311 line. Apparently JBL filed a suit against them that took years to reach an end with RSL folding.

    Not positive but I have heard that RSL was a small company from Cal that sold directly from their own shops. Their speakers sound nice IMO. They were made well and most used Pleated surrounds so no refoaming

    As punker pointed out they do not carry much in the way of resale value but that just means they are a well kept secret in the speaker category. If buying for yourself cool but to resell I doubt their 3300 ( Most likely the model 3 way you found I think ) would sell for more then 100 bucks.


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