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RtR 240D Speakers

Discussion in 'Speakers' started by MikeyN, Oct 6, 2007.

  1. MikeyN

    MikeyN Active Member

    Hello all-I just picked up a pair of RtR 240D at the local resell shop and was interested to see if anyone had any opinions on these speakers.

    I did a search (on AK...There's not a whole lot out there on the net) and found some info but was hoping someone might have some info on this model.

    They are 42" tall and must weigh 70-80 lbs each.

    Two front woofers (one looks about 10" and second 8") front tweeter and also a tweeter on both sides.

    From what I found on AK the 280D seemed to be pretty well regarded.
    I guess RtR went out of biz sometime in the early 80s??

    I'll try to post some photos asap.
  2. mcgarick

    mcgarick Well-Known Member

    Renton wa
    I just got some of these too, really good speakers!
  3. yostie70

    yostie70 Active Member


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