Sansui 4000 Receiver (with wood case)

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    Sansui 4000 receiver. 45w/ch. Everything works, with the exception of the tuning strength meter (the tuning-center meter works, just not the tuning strength meter). Sounds fine. All switches and controls cleaned with DeOxit. Stereo indicator bulb replaced (all others were OK).

    Wood case, in VERY good shape. Cosmetically, near IMMACULATE. Hardly a scratch of any consequence ANYWHERE, and a VERY FEW VERY SMALL nicks in the edges of the wood, in just a few places.

    Selling for $100.00 plus shipping.

    Contact Gordon- email or PM GordonW. Please include your address if shipping is desired, in order to get a shipping price quote (usually FedEx ground).

    Here's a link to the complete specs for the 4000:

    Also, according to someone who worked at an audio dealer back in the day, the original price was about $369, in 1970! These were NOT CHEAP!!


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  2. steelhead97

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    I love the 4000, it sounds so warm and tubelike and the bass is velvety smooth. If I didn't have two myself I'd be very tempted. The inside is also built like a tank and the thing weighs a ton for a 45 watt. It is plenty power for most of my speakers.
  3. archie2

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    My first real receiver was a 1972 Sansui 4000 which I bought new. I still have it and it still works. It has a different wood case than I've seen on all other 4000's. The vent is a single trapazoid cut out in the rear covered with a black wire mesh, no slots in the case as in every other one I've seen. And yes, it's very heavy for a 45 watter.

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