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Discussion in 'Solid State' started by old R&R guy, May 6, 2012.

  1. old R&R guy

    old R&R guy Member

    Hello all. What a blessing to have discovered this forum. I recently found a Sansui 8080 DB receiver for $15 at a yard sale. I haven't fully checked out all it's functions yet but it appears to be in great working condition. I'm debating whether to keep it & use it as part of my revamped entertainment center (with my refurbished Dual 1229) or sell it on Ebay. I see they regularly go for big bucks there & other auction sites. This thing is heavy so shipping is a factor as well. I have other receivers to use but I have this nagging feeling I should keep the Sansui. Any advice?
  2. krowmagnum

    krowmagnum Compulsive speaker freak Subscriber

    $15.00... wow

    The 8080DB is one of the few receivers I should have kept but sold. It's a great receiver and you'll probably regret selling it.
  3. Galaxie65

    Galaxie65 AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Welcome to AK, glad you found us. The Sansui is a really nice piece, I have the 9090 and it's a wonderful piece. If you can it would be worth it to keep, some people are not fans and want to let them go. Just depends if you want the hassel of boxing, shipping, insuring, ect.. then it's just a decision you'll have to decide on. Best of luck, I'd say keep it :D
  4. Dswankey

    Dswankey Super Member

    Keep it, welcome to AK and you should check out the subforum for Sansui enthusiasts.
  5. Fairlane

    Fairlane AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Welcome to AK, $15 dollars is a great price for an 8080db. I paid $75 for mine stuck in protection mode. I was happy to get it at that price since it was an easy fix.

    Keep it, they aren't making any more of them and it will only appreciate. I too was going to flip mine until I gave it a fair evaluation. At least give it a serious listen, bet you keep it :thmbsp:

    Oh, and we need some pictures!
  6. vintageboy

    vintageboy Spinning vinyl like there is no tomorrow Subscriber

    15 bucks is like a give away price, you have to feel lucky :)
  7. progger7

    progger7 Active Member

    well it depends what your other receivers are. But they would have to be pretty nice to warrant giving away an 8080db. I have a 9090 that I had restored and people can't beleive how good it sounds. The 8080 is a classic piece that is a good example of why audio gear from that era is so special.
  8. Wes_in_VA

    Wes_in_VA AK Subscriber Subscriber

    I need to find some better yard sales!
  9. grillebilly

    grillebilly Empty Head Subscriber

    if you like listening to music, don't sell it.
  10. Wes_in_VA

    Wes_in_VA AK Subscriber Subscriber

    I see that the dilemma is causing you strain, so I'm willing to take the Sansui off your hands if you pay me $15 and ship it to me on your dime. I know, I know, I'm offering to do something *so* kind for someone I've never even met, bu they, that's just the kind of guy I am. :)
  11. michaelhigh

    michaelhigh mind's eye music

    8080DB was my everyday driver till I ventured off into fleapower tube territory. I have a bunch of really nice vintage solid state receivers that are eventually going to find new homes or be stored away, and I'll be making the periodic investment in tubes to keep my new player fresh and responsive. I thought there could never be that big a difference, but with highly effcient speeks you can't go wrong with many affordable offerings.
  12. old R&R guy

    old R&R guy Member

    Well, thanks all. I'm just about convinced I should keep the Sansui. It's tempting to sell it in order to have extra $$ to get other music gear (I'm still actively playing in bands at age 60) but it IS a great find at a great price. How many guitars & effects pedals do I need, anyway? I really have to explore this site a little more to see if there's a section for musicians to chat.
  13. KingBubba

    KingBubba "Too Much Stuff" Subscriber

    Good luck finding anything new that will perform the way an 8080 will. If it were me I would put it aside until I had the money to ship it to CDFixer to get a full rehab done on it. Even after shipping and rehab, you would still be hard put to find something new that would perform as well. Keep it, fix it up and be happy.
  14. tomlinmgt

    tomlinmgt AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Start looking for a pair of DCM Time Frames to pair with the Sui. I have the TF-600's with an 8080db as my bedroom set up and it is fantastic. I have had some very, very nice set-ups in my main rig and the bedroom system has always compared favorably to all of them. I'm more of a seperates guy, but that 8080 is one sweet sounding receiver.
  15. elgato8905

    elgato8905 Nobody special.

    Good advice right here.:yes:

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