Sansui B-2201

Discussion in 'Exclusively Sansui' started by Endzone, Nov 28, 2011.

  1. Endzone

    Endzone Active Member

    Only $2,000 on Ebay for this beat up unit? These EBay guys smoke a lot of crack--I'm telling you.

    You could buy one new at a military base in 1988 for $550. This unit doesn't have the control or pre-amp unit that went with it. I don't like doing business on Ebay. I wonder what one in really good shape would actually be worth?
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  2. Nicowico

    Nicowico Active Member

    Seller is named sashaaaa. Ha Haaaaa
  3. asp69

    asp69 Active Member

    Buddy of mine has 4 of these. He told me you can find em for under $400 if you're patient.
  4. Robisme

    Robisme Sansui Enthusiast Subscriber

    I've rarely seen these come up, and never for $400.

    Are you sure he doesn't have B-2102's?

  5. riverrat

    riverrat professional camper

    That's what I was wondering.

    I doubt this auction is going to attract any bids, but it is a rare and desirable amp.
  6. Pepa

    Pepa AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Yes Rob,could be 2101 or 2102,but on the other hand,I remember a few B-2201 transactions from last year...amps were on Florida :D
  7. nosirrah

    nosirrah Moderator Moderator Subscriber

    I removed the ebay link, and please folks, if it's a valuation question then it belongs in Dollars and Sense.
  8. bluesky

    bluesky Addicted Member

    I've seen "B-2201 Vintage" mentioned before, or at least once before, but have never found a photo or any information on one. If it exists it must be a very rare one. Maybe.
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  9. Robisme

    Robisme Sansui Enthusiast Subscriber

  10. Pepa

    Pepa AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Come on not so must be joking :D
    B-2201 looks like B-2301,but in fact is little brother...less powerful and no XLR on back panel :smoke:
  11. bluesky

    bluesky Addicted Member

    Hi Pepa,

    I stand corrected...not rare.

    Sometimes simple things just escape me. I can find all the 'hard stuff', just not some of the easy stuff!! :>) I've really had a kind of hard time with the B amps. Reason unknown.

    I sure have should of seen this amp on the website you posted because I've seen that website so many times before.

    If you guys know any of the 'unknown dates' of the B amps below...please tell me!! Thanks.

    B - C amps - preamp dates:
    1983 (or 1982) B-2101
    1983 (or 1982) C-2101
    1983 (or 1982) B-2301 power amplifier.
    1984 (or 1982) C-2301 pre-amplifier.
    (C-2301 Vintage: May be the same or a different pre-amplifier)
    1983 B-2201
    Unknown date B-2201 Vintage
    1985 B-2201L (domestic) power amp.
    Unknown date B-2102
    1988? C-2102
    1988 B-2102 MOS Vintage power amplifier (domestic)
    1990/5 B-2302 Vintage power amplifier
    Unknown date B-2103
    1992 B-2103 MOS Vintage
    1992/5 C-2302 Vintage pre-amplifier (domestic).
    1997 B-2105 Vintage power amplifier (domestic).
    1997 (or 1999) C-2105 Vintage pre-amplifier (domestic).
    1999 B-2105 MOS Vintage
    1999 B-2302 Vintage
    1999 C-2302P pre-amplifier (domestic).
    1995 (or 1999) B-2105 MOS Vintage
    1999 (or 1997) C-2105 Vintage pre-amplifier
    1999 B-2302 Vintage power amplifier
    1999 C-2302P pre-amplifier
    Unknown Year(s) of manufacture or introduction:
    B-2102 MOS?
    B-2103 MOS?
    B-2105 MOS?
    B-2201 Vintage
    B-2301 Vintage
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  12. bluesky

    bluesky Addicted Member

    B-2201 Vintage: There's one up for sale right now, so far $310, and it has quite a few days to go. Not saying where it's being sold so there shouldn't be any problem posting this. Believe me, you won't find it - I don't think, maybe. It's not USA.

    15 bids so far, it's devoluped a lotta interest!

    Your right Pepa...maybe they are all over the place and I just missed it! :>)
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  13. Endzone

    Endzone Active Member

    When I visited the PX store there at Kadina Air Base in Okinawa in 1987, they actually had a one sheet brochure on the B-2201 printed on both sides. I took it home, and put it in my file cabinet but it got lost somehow.

    The C-2301 control amp weights 46 lbs itself.
  14. Endzone

    Endzone Active Member

    When I got back to the U.S. in June/1988, I called the Sansui rep in Dallas, and he told me the B-2201 was discontinued, but that he could still get the pair (amp and pre-amp) for $1100. It must of been in production from 1983 to 1987/88. This must be about the time Sansui started taking heavy losses. The Sansui rep told me it was originally designed to sell for $5,000, but I wonder if he wasn't exaggerating. He said it was a great "little" amp.
  15. bluesky

    bluesky Addicted Member

    Thanks for the dates.

    Great 'little' amp?? :>)

    Thanks again.
  16. bluesky

    bluesky Addicted Member

    See item #12. Sold for $902 USD. (Japan)

    But Japan sometimes has much different prices than the rest of the world. Some of Sansui's equipment will sell for big dollars but for much less in other countries, but then some specific equipment sells for much cheaper in Japan than in any other country. It's kinda strange, different musical playback tastes I guess. These differences in what's desired happens alot.
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  17. Robisme

    Robisme Sansui Enthusiast Subscriber

    Like I said. Not $400.

  18. asp69

    asp69 Active Member

    I stand corrected. The models my friend owns are B-2102. He does have four though and they do look quite impressive stacked.
  19. Robisme

    Robisme Sansui Enthusiast Subscriber

    Under $400 for sure, for a B2101/2102. The B-2101 comes up more often, and while it looks different, it is the same amp.

  20. riverrat

    riverrat professional camper

    For someone who needs a very clean but not clinical sounding power amp with plenty of reserve, I think the B2101/2 is a great choice, and good value. They fly pretty much under the radar, perhaps in part because of the bar meters. If they had VU meters, they'd sell for twice as much..

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