Sansui Ba-90 Stereo Amplifier

Discussion in 'Exclusively Sansui' started by Eilati, Mar 7, 2004.

  1. Eilati

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    What's the deal w/this amp.
  2. Ski

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    It's a sexy Sansui that should be sent to me. You haven't heard:dunno:
  3. RocknRoll

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    It's a headphone amplifier - can't you see where these plug in?
  4. BeatleFred

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  5. braillediver

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    Hey that’s my amp.

    Yeah it’s a half width (?) stereo amp.


    It’s listed in the Sansui database as 32 watts per channel. I have no information on the amp and searching the Internet yields nothing.

    Thanks BeatleFred for the August 69 date correction. I thought it was manufactured early but the Sansui database indicated 1970-1975.

    It is heavy for its size.

  6. Morden2004

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    Both the BA-60 and BA-90 were listed in the Sansui database incorrectly. The years of manufacture have now beed corrected for both.

  7. BeatleFred

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  8. BeatleFred

    BeatleFred Banned

    Note in the ad, Sansui writes that you can TOUCH it if you want to, but nothing is mentioned about LIFTING it :) Thats entirely understandable, the last thing the company needs is a potential customer trying to lift it in the store and getting a hernia or going into cardiac arrest, and Sansui gets served with a lawsuit :)

    (unless the customer's name happens to be Mr. Schwarzenegger, as in Ah-nold, ze Govenah of Calee4neeah) though he was a mere unknown back in late '75 when the BA-5000 was unleashed onto the unsuspecting audio world.

    "hear mee nowuh, belieef me latuh, dat BA-FIFE tousand is rreeally a big bad Monstuh!"


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