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Discussion in 'Exclusively Sansui' started by Wired, May 19, 2003.

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    I picked up a pair of these today! They are a 5 driver 3 way design. With the bass driver being ported. The fronts have a lattice type grille.

    They use two 1" tweeters, two Squarkers (5" and 6.5") and a 12" woofer. All drivers are paper except for the tweeters which are metal. They weigh 22kg each and the cabinet appers to be made from almost 1" thick fibre board.

    On the back they have a setting for both the mid and treble. You can set each one to soft,natural and clear. Using this adds more distortion and is best avoided.

    They sound OK with a decent tonal balance, however the midrange tends to exhibit a little distortion and they also are lacking bass and bass detail.

    Overall I think that they would make a nice party speaker. I perfer my modern floor standers which are much more refined in the midrange and bass. They use two 8" carbon fibre woofers (each in it's own ported enclousure), and a 1" silk dome tweeter.

    ps. Does anybody know what this sansui pair would be worth? They are in nice condition with only minor damage to a few sections of the cabints.
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    These images are from the web site.

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