Sansui SP-2000 Value?

Discussion in 'Dollars and Sense' started by echase55, Aug 25, 2009.

  1. echase55

    echase55 Crazy Zirconium

    Can anyone provide an estimate of value for Sansui SP-2000 speakers in fair-to-good condition? (All 6 drivers working, but moderate cosmetic scratches)

  2. kaplang

    kaplang Works for me ! Subscriber

    I always say the value is what someone is willing to pay. No more and no less.
  3. sleepyweasel

    sleepyweasel Well-Known Member

    I purchased 2 pairs sp-2500 in really hice cosmetic shape for $80 a few months ago, and one set had replaced wooferers with rotting surrounds. I thought that was a great buy.

    I would not hesitate to spend $50-75 ish on a pair that you describe. anything under 50 is a steal, over a 100 would be too much

    heres what I paid for some sansui speakers within the last year..

    sp-x9700 $200 minty
    sp-x7700 130 minty
    sp-x6700 60 cosmetic wear and one blown mid
    sp-3700a $70 cosmetic wear but not too bad(was told all good, but found dead mids and a dead ambience horn..:thumbsdn:..try before you buy)
    sp-2500 $80 for 2 pairs very clean cabs, but 2x bad woofer surrounds
  4. Lastplace

    Lastplace AK Member Subscriber

    $25 -$35, Local thrift had a pair "close to mint" for $20 here. I have a set in the garage you can have.
  5. Bstable

    Bstable Super Member

    Sp-2000 speakers

    I got my dad's original pair from 1969, but the 6.5" mid on one was bad. I asked my brother to keep an eye out for a used pair (I did not want to spend a lot, and would have extra parts) In less than a month he found a WORKING PAIR for $8.

    I recapped them, but really these are "okay" speakers at best. They are nice to look at. I have seen them go for next to nothing, and I have seen them go for $150+ pr. :scratch2:

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