Sansui SP-2500 Crossover mod

Discussion in 'Speakers' started by gbroot, Nov 23, 2012.

  1. gbroot

    gbroot Super Member

    I have a set of sansui sp-2500 that I moved on to basement storage, but am thinking about dragging them back out. Their strength is a nice cabinet and actually sound pretty good in mids and tweets..but lack the "infamous" bass.
    I remember when I recapped them how impressed I was at the quality of the woofers but was equally disappointed that such a nice woofer was so lacking in deep bass. I remember reading on a thread (can't locate it now) that the problem in the sp-2500 and 3500's was ill designed crossovers and after a minor tweek in the crossovers much deeper bass was being sent to the woofs and the problem was resolved. I have read that crossovers impact mids and tweets but have no bearing on the woofer. So is it possible for a crossover mod to impact bass?
  2. RS Steve

    RS Steve Tube Junkie Subscriber

    I just recapped a pair that my brother picked up at a thrift store. I came to the conclusion the lack of bass was due to the surrounds (cloth with dope) being hard as taffy. After playing them for about an hour, they did get better. The next morning when I played them again they were stiff again and not much bass. Softening the surrounds would be of great help, not sure if there is a good way to get that done but it would be a big improvement.
  3. dc270

    dc270 Now Off The Reservation..... Subscriber

    I broke ALL the rules on a pairr of SP2500 a fair while back and replaced the HARD surrounds with same size foam- that opened up a world of bass for them, damn the design "Q's". Also recapped the whole network and did some port stuffing with foam plugs. All in all an improved product! I got them for free so I thought I would see what if anything could wake up the bass- the foam surrounds did help oddly enough. Good luck- they are not a bad speaker for being Kabuki types.......with help.
  4. gbroot

    gbroot Super Member

    Free is nice. You bested me by 20.00. I did try them with a sub , and actually the sub picks them up nicely as it covers for their bottom end.
  5. gbroot

    gbroot Super Member

    I have read and also found that they actually deliver decent bass when some extra volume is applied. I think I read in another thread that they sound much better with tubes. I've got a couple of old alnico 12"s somewhere. I may swap them out and see what happens.

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