Sansui SP-X11000 4 Way 8 Speaker System

Discussion in 'Speakers' started by suifreek, Apr 16, 2010.

  1. suifreek

    suifreek New Member

    can i get some opinions on these, i have a chance to get a pair for $500
    i have heard there not all that great for what they cost. how is the bass do they handle alot of bass? nice an clean? or harsh? thanks much for you thoughts.
  2. sansui seemed to like to throw ALOT of speakers at their speakers to make them sound good. Im not sure that's what hapens in the final implementation. maybe, maybe not.
    Only YOUR ears will tell you about the bass. Listen to them then decide.

    Personally I like the old fretwork grill speakers from the 70s that sui made.
  3. suifreek

    suifreek New Member

    sp 11000

    yes the grills are very classy i agree. thanks
  4. bluesky

    bluesky Addicted Member

    Dat's some big a lot of speakers, a wall of speakers. Listen to them first, for awhile. Make sure you have all the connection cables.

    I've heard the same things as you. Check em out. $500 seems like a good price if you really like the sound and the cabinets and speakers are in good shape.

    Good luck!
  5. karlo

    karlo Super Member


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  6. kfa888

    kfa888 Addicted Member

    I have a real hard time imagining those sound good. More is not always better. $500 will buy some nice JBL's or something if you want to pound out some good sounds.

  7. Vintage_Hi-F

    Vintage_Hi-F Vintage Audio Geek

    here we go again. :no:
  8. cabinetnut

    cabinetnut New Member


    Can't speak for your particular model, but I bought an SP 2000 in mint condition on looks alone. Even tho they have 6 speakers the sound was very inferior and threads on this site seem to have the opinion that recapping? would possibly help. Have read much about AR 2's as well, and just bought a pair for $30. Got home and compared them to my Pioneer HPM 100's and no comparison! My old Pioneers beat them by a mile. I've read the same about the AR's as well- may need some cleaning or replacing of potentiometers?? Point is, it's up to your own ear and preference, and how much work you're willing to put into them. The Sansui cabinets are great looking with the classic grills, but you may need to think about $500 for looks vs sound quality. If I can find more HPM 100's, I'll be gutting the ARs and Sansui and putting the Pioneers in them to have the best of both worlds - classic looks and great sound.
  9. hifi_nut

    hifi_nut Vintage? I´m vintage!

    $500 for Sansui SP-X11000´s is one heck of a great deal.......for the seller.:D

    Kabuki in all their splendour!
  10. Vintage_Hi-F

    Vintage_Hi-F Vintage Audio Geek

    The AR's should kill the HPM's and truthfully the SP-2000 should to, but whatever personal preference. Though what kind of amp were you running.

    But to the question at hand there are no Sansui speakers worth $500 I'd say about $120 at the most, but for $500 you can definably get something much better.
  11. cabinetnut

    cabinetnut New Member

    Receiver is a JVC 501 RX.
  12. Vintage_Hi-F

    Vintage_Hi-F Vintage Audio Geek

    how many wpc cause on my QRX-5500A (70 wpc in stereo mode) and our Onkyo TX-2500MKII (50 wpc) the SP-2000 and their little brothers the 100's sounded good and IMHO sounded a hell of a lot better than the HPM-100 a friend had given me. But as they say your results may vary, though I would seriously look into getting those AR's checked out.
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  13. cabinetnut

    cabinetnut New Member

    Will do. Don't know the WPC, but it says 270 Watts (total?) I know the AR speakers have a 'pot' problem, as I had to work to find 1 little spot on the dial where I could get the midrange to come on in one of them, and neither tweetwer works well as I can just faintly hear 1 (am 52 and perhaps I can't hear that range anymore) but the bass doesn't seem to come across well either-at least not like the HPM's. Perhaps will take it to a repair place and see if they have any ideas on the AR's especially, since I've heard so much about them on these threads by those who obviously know more about these than myself. I would hate to have a real classic pair of AR's and screw them up if they should sound better than my Pioneers-especially if there is a semi-easy fix. Thanks for the opinions.
  14. karlo

    karlo Super Member

    5 bills will get you horn -type klipsch . cornwall/chorus/forte.

    5 bills will get you JBL - l-100t l-112 l l-200 -???....

    5 bills will get many speakers other than the sansuis.

    listen first.
  15. ARRAY

    ARRAY Super Member

    Those are a P.A. speaker essentially and more of a conversation piece, although I doubt you could have much conversation while those are blaring.

    But, let's let Jim Carrey explain the X9 sound:

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  16. bluesky

    bluesky Addicted Member

    Take the backs off and spray some 'Dioxit' in the rotary switch in the back that controls the tone. Move switch back and forth about 50+ times. Doing that may clear everything up real nice. Guys have done this and said it fixed everything up and all the speakers fired up. You know, corrosion on the rotary tone control switch. Cleaning this corroded switch, the guys say, will fire up all the speakers real nice, if that was indeed what your problem was. It's an easy fix if that's all it is!

    If that doesn't work, you need to check all your speakers and do a recap. In the AK Sansui section the guys explain exactly how to recap SP-2000s right down to everything required including the exact Daton caps required, numbers, and where to order them. One guy did this, think it was req50, and it really worked well so he told everyone how to do it, all the other guys copied him and achieved the same outstanding results. The only hard part is fitting all the newer larger caps on the smaller crossover board, but it can be done with a bit of jury rigging, tie straps, and a heat glue gun. There are photos to give you examples of what you should be doing. It's been done before, it can be done again! Right! It's a weekend job.

    I have 2 pair. Both pair are untouched. One pair sounds 'really nice' and I'd give the cabinets a good 93+%. They sound so good that I wouldn't ever touch em for any reason. No need to..."yet". The other are 'Factory Fresh' in the boxes but sounds boomy. I'm guessing because the speakers have never been used and the capacitors have deteroriated. Never tried the 'dioxiting' of the tone controls yet but someday. I haven't done anything to them but keep em polished up, they are in the closet, and that's where they are going to stay for a later day. I'm pretty sure it's a cap job required, but who knows, it may just be the tone control switch. Just read up on recapping SP-2000s and you will find out all the info you need. And...they have Alnico speaker magnets which are really nice if your into that Alnico sound, which to me, is the best sound.

    Everyone keeps knocking Sansui speakers. I, for one, really like the sound of mine. So does everyone else who hears em. And that's without a rebuild. They sound pretty darn nice to me.

    Now the big SP-11000s. Never heard them but have seen maybe 100 fotos of them and it sure is a wall of speakers!!!!!!!!! Biggest speakers Sansui ever made and they just look way-cool if you have the room for em! I'd give em a listen, if the cabs are fine, and all the 'connecting cables are there' (and that's super important!!!!!), and the individual speakers are in good shape, and if it sounds good, ya got a Sansui collectors item for sure. But I have heard that some people who have heard them say that they don't sound 'that' great. Got to hear them for yourself. *'Really concentrate on the sound of the woofers'*. I bet a good pair sound pretty darn good! I have seen em sell for $1000 and more for a beautiful pair...Plus shipping costs which is really expensive, and guys bought em. Very rare speakers indeed. And they look outrageously K O O L with the grills on.

    'MAKE SURE' you get the orgional Sansui connection cables with the speakers!! I believe those had 'very special cables with special connections' for connecting the speakers to each other!!!!!!! No origional cables, no sale cause there is no resale value without em. Replacement speakers are probably darn near impossible to come by. Getting orgional cables would be like almost impossible.

    That's all I know about them.

    Good luck!
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  17. nrenter

    nrenter Active Member

    If they are minty, I'd bargain for them. If you have the space for them, I'd bet they'd be fun (for at least a while) and you'd probably get your money back out of them.
  18. bluesky

    bluesky Addicted Member

    That's exactly what I'm trying to say. They got to sound right and be in really nice shape. Hold $450 in cash in front of him. They would be fun! Dem is some biggie Sansuieees!!!!!!!!!! :>)

    I'd love to hear em. I'll gladly buy the beer and pizza! :>)
  19. DaWoofer

    DaWoofer Super Member

    I find it hard to believe someone would even consider paying 5 bills for them but to each his own. So many other speakers that will sound worlds better for less money. Good luck with whatever you decide.
  20. bluesky

    bluesky Addicted Member

    DaWoofer: Have you ever heard the SP-11000s? I never have but was wondering what they sounded like. Always wondered that.

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