Sansui SPX-11000's....Where to list??

Discussion in 'Exclusively Sansui' started by jerb, Sep 6, 2005.

  1. jerb

    jerb New Member

    New to forum....Where should I list loudspeakers?? . Jerb

    ***Please post your listing in the Classifeds. Thank you***
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  2. shelby1420

    shelby1420 Enjoying the music.....

    Welcome Jerb!!!
  3. jerb

    jerb New Member


    Hi Rick,
    Thanks for the welcome. I need to put some more detail about my "audio habit" up so others know what kind of audio addict I am. Just as a start some Sansui components are Sansui 4000 and 8700DB receivers. Along with the previously mentioned SPX-11000's. That's just a start. I must admit, I have a variety of stuff versus just Sansui. jerb :)
  4. luvvinvinyl

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    You might want to do a search of AK. Use the 'Search' button, in the Toolbar. If you have pics, you can post those in the gallery. OTT, you can post threads in their appropriate fora. Speakers in 'Speakers', etc. If you want, there is always 'Vintage Solid State' or 'General Audio Discussion', if you can't pigeonhole your post.

    I think you will find that asking a question will get you answers, fairly quickly. Making your first post an 'offer to sell' gets speedy attention, also, just not the most desirable kind.

    Welcome to AK.
  5. jerb

    jerb New Member

    wrong type of attention....

    Thank you, sir, for correcting my inappropriate use of this forum for the loudspeakers. You know how us new guys are........ jerb :D
  6. Morden2004

    Morden2004 Relaxin'

    Welcome Jerb! You will find the folks here real nice and helpful.

  7. dgwojo

    dgwojo AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Welcome aboard Jerb or is that Jim?? Dave. :scratch2:
  8. jerb

    jerb New Member

    jerb (or jim)

    Hello Wojo. My Great Altec friend and conspirator. You are correct, Jerb or Jim. How's that weekend job going?? Sounds like fun. I will likely need some help getting the worn G-8700DB up to snuff. I bet I'm in the right place. Poor baby at some point was dropped on rear surface and heat sinks crushed-in the rear metal panel about 1/4". When I opened it up there didn't appear to be any internal damage except for something unrelated. One of the electrolytics (two alike are facing each other) appeared to have brown residue on it. I inspected further and noted this same capacitor would wiggle on it's leads. I'm guessing the cap overheated and ruptured losing the electrolyte. Or maybe mounting the cap on it's side is less than ideal. Anyway, it looked bad enough to me I haven't even tried to power the unit up yet. It was sold as "working". Put it back together until I have more time. The suspect cap doesn't look like anything special or unusual so I hope it will be easy to locate a replacement. Anyone else see this sort of failure on one of these larger G series receivers?? Jerb (okay, Jim...)
  9. dgwojo

    dgwojo AK Subscriber Subscriber

    We went with a pair of EV S15-3's for the old theatre for the front left/right, and a bass reflex Altec 12" woofer with a 500hz Emilar horn and driver for the center, imagine, a 50 watt monoblock powers the entire 180 seat theatre!! Although it's only mono now, I heard we'll make the jump to 5.1 surround as soon as equipment is located and installed, then my job starts with speakers again. This has been a life dream for me, an empty theatre to jam on speakers, I hooked up a Marantz 2270 with a Toshiba DVD player, the sound was incredible in such a large room. My biggest heartburn right now is locating a 2 watt, 1k, audio taper potentiometer, it's a sealed milatary grade pot, Allen Bradley# RV4NAYSD102C. MCM carries the linear taper NTE version, #501-0005 a.k.a. RV4NAYSD102A, but that won't work for an amplifier. BTW, the pot I need was used in Minutemen missles!! It was lucky break that the owner took a chance on me to do some good volunteer work, he also owns the restuarant across the street from the theatre, the food is excellent. Again, welcome aboard, Dave. :yes:

    S.L. Theatre

  10. jerb

    jerb New Member

    Dave's fun project............

    Hi Dave,
    I hoped the websites would have pics of the locales. If you happen to take a few pics of the theatre, that would be cool to see. It sounds like you're having a lot of fun. I don't think I can help you with the audio taper pot. Maybe a very limited application (Minuteman). jim

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